Looks like Apple's renaming Mac OS X "MacOS"


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OK, sure. But will they also bring back the classic boot screen?


It was useful to differentiate it from OS 9, but how many years has it been? 15?

I’m currently wasting my time on a move from a mac with Snow Leopard to a new one with El Capitan. OMG. So many issues, and I haven’t even gotten everything moved over. It’ll be months before I’m back to being efficient.


You’ll find Snow Leopard was the high water mark, I’m afraid.


It’s true, so far. I am disappoint. But at least I don’t have to pay $50 a month, like with Adobe. Fuckers. I wish there were a viable alternative to creative cloud.


For me, it’s CS6. I didn’t find enough in Creative Cloud worthwhile enough to ‘permanently rent’.

I’ve also heard good things about Affinity but haven’t tried it yet.


And the angry ‘Eep! Eep!’ noise when you did something wrong.


the wild eep!


And the monkey alert. I’ve religiously added back the monkey to my Macs since they deleted it from the OS somewhere in the mid 90s. There’s something about a screaming monkey alert that’s perfect.


I thought it looked like this:


Wild Eep appeared!

Eep used Chimes of Death! It’s super effective!


Thank you for reminding me of the monkey! I’ve just added it back in, thanks to you.


I guess I found too many instances of “won’t work with El Capitan” to chance the purchase. If it didn’t work, I’d’ve had more fun burning hundred dollar bills.

The most fun so far was when Intuit sold me the PC version of Quickbooks, took my money within minutes, then wanted me to pay for the Mac version before the refund came, three days later. I haven’t found a good replacement for that, because I have some weird requirements with a multiple location client who sometimes pays from home office, and sometimes from each remote. I spoke with a really nice person from Freshbooks, who thought I was stuck with intuit. I really want to pirate the software after that experience.


My first mac said “I’m trying to think, but nothing happens” which was appropriate for 17 year old me.



Back in the late 80s (yep, I’m that olde) I used to load SoundMaster on new employees computers. I’d assign wacky sounds to everyday interactions (Eject Disk = barf sound, Shut Down and Ahnold Grabassinator says “Ah’ll be bahck!”) For folks who were new to computers they loved it! But if they knew the basics they made me take it off after a day or two (losers!)

Those were the days! (Goils was goils an men were men! Mister we could use a man like Herbert Hoover again [Trump almost fits the bill, just way more crazy sauce])


So it’ll be MacOS 11?

Seems logical now that Windows reached the 10 mark.


For years, my favorite bunch of sounds was the Daniel Pinkwater sound pack (download link) where my favorite author announces computer events in the best Yiddish voice ever. “Vat? Vat is dis? Vat?”


Great, now I can stop cringing when people say “Oh es echs” instead of “Oh es ten.”


Where does the floppy disk go?