Assistant AG admits he doesn't understand what Weev did, but he's sure it's bad

If we’re to buy this perspective that weev is a jerk, and because of that he deserves to be put in jail, you may as well suggest we put him in jail for murder, because changing a url could be construed as murder.

I suspect that even the AG knows what murder is, so that would be harder to pull off.

And just who purports that? Citation Please!!

I don’t think the photographs were faked. They were really that big.
It’s not easy to separate atoms by mass difference, one by one, using brute force, and reassemble them into anything more than a superthin mirror film of material.

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Of course. None of it is anything you couldn’t have found in a few minutes on Google, so I’m not sure why you’re quite so blithely confident that I’m making shit up, but I’m happy to educate you.

First, go read what Weev wrote about the attack on blogger and writer Kathy Sierra. Seriously, I do recommend you read all of it to get an idea for the man’s character; he is, by the way, lying about Sierra’s personal history, and he’s probably lying about the reason for it, but that’s not much of a defense. An excerpt:

I have a long history of enabling people on the Internet that want to
troll or ruin. Generally I find that if people have the desire to ruin
something, it deserves to be ruined. I am a karmatic implement at most.

In case you doubt that djfooroach/Memphis Two is Weev, he informs us himself in this New York Times article, which you should also read. An excerpt:

Over a candlelit dinner of tuna sashimi, Weev asked if I would
attribute his comments to Memphis Two, the handle he used to troll
Kathy Sierra, a blogger. Inspired by her touchy response to online
commenters, Weev said he “dropped docs” on Sierra, posting a
fabricated narrative of her career alongside her real Social Security
number and address. This was part of a larger trolling campaign
against Sierra, one that culminated in death threats. Weev says he has
access to hundreds of thousands of Social Security numbers. About a
month later, he sent me mine.

In 2007, Kathy Sierra was the target of an avalanche of death and rape threats that drove her out of tech and public life entirely. Nobody seems to be quite certain why, except that it may have had to do with a blog post defending people’s right to delete comments from their own blogs. Sierra said, “I have cancelled all speaking engagements. I am afraid to leave my yard, I will never feel the same. I will never be the same.” Weev, as you’ve just read, claims credit for this. He’s proud of it.

There’s plenty more out there, if you care to trace through Weev’s many aliases. He was never shy about how much he loved brutalizing people. “I hack, I ruin, I make piles of money,” he boasted. “I make people afraid for their lives.” --The New York Times again.

I keep saying, and people keep ignoring, that I can respect the argument (which Sierra herself has made) that Weev should not in prison for this particular charge, but the notion that he is actually innocent of all wrongdoing is completely untrue.


There’s a difference between “being a jerk” and “criminal harassment.” Instigating a campaign of death and rape threats is generally held to fall into the latter category. This is nothing I haven’t said already; please pay attention.

Oh, please. If I post news online, and it’s not obviously humorous or fictionalized, I don’t need to say “I ASSERT THAT THIS IS FACTUAL NEWS” for any reasonable human being to assume that I intend it to be read as factual. If it happens to be clearly not factual on a very cursory examination, any reasonable human being would assume that I’m either dangerously sloppy or deliberately lying. It’s the “sloppy” one that seems to describe Cory.

Reminder: don’t post personal information such as e-mail addresses, phone numbers and home addresses.


Woah! Boardwalk Empire season 7 spoiler alert!

It is obvious that you are working under the impression that in the internet all is truth or satire.
I’ve always labored under the impression that this is more of an opinion piece with a link to the original article so you can make up your own mind.

How you would run your blog is all well and good. But where did anyone here ever say that they would be responsible for your expectation of them as a news outlet?

Where on BB do they claim to be what you are clearly upset* about them -not- being?

  • sufficiently so to claim your host is either sloppy or a liar.

In short, complaining about free ice cream is unbecoming.

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Moramarco went on to equate Auernheimer’s and Spitler’s actions to blowing up a nuclear power plant in New Jersey

According to the assistant AG, not just murder… mass murder! It’s clearly mass murder!

It’s worse than that - he was camping illegally in Albuquerque - death’s too good for him.

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