Read the statement Barrett Brown read to the court in his sentencing hearing



Seems to me like he’s already been punished for the things he DID do wrong and should be able to go free now. Perhaps with a warning that he better not do the bad stuff again - threatening, obstructing justice, etc because repeat offenders don’t get consideration.

Except when they are the FBI, in which case they don’t even get prosecuted.


Well, yeah. There’s a reason that “Who watches the Watchmen?” has been in my consciousness recently.

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Is the server still active? I am trying to log on with HexChat but I am an utter IRC n00b and have no idea what I am doing.

I think the guy should do hard time just for saying “allocution.” What’s worse, he probably used it correctly.

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On the one hand, the FBI has been known to target hackers and younger net-citizens and I hold no allegiance to any g-man or federal LEA. Then again, Mr. Brown reads like the quintessential self-important white middle class boob. He threatened an FBI agent and his family. Had a person of color done the same, that person would’ve been shot dead.

These two deserve each other. Good riddance.

I don’t know all of the details, but I would not hesitate to go on the offensive against the FBI. And one of the biggest obstacles with political activism is the divisive effect this can have on family relations. When your own flesh and blood decide that “throwing you under the bus” is the right thing to do so as to not make waves, then some rather stark decisions need to be made. I don’t know if that’s what happened here, or what the exact context was, so I don’t mean this to condone the specifics of accusations against Brown.

I would hope that my own real-world family would back me up instead of siding with some abstract authority they don’t know, and who has no real regard for them or myself… but I’m not very hopeful. If they sided with people who they knew were going to confront me with violence and even possibly kill me, they would lose all but the most very basic forms of human respect.

There’s backing someone up, and then there’s Aiding and Abetting. He admitted to breaking the law. He made threats of physical violence against a federal officer and that’s apart from trying to use 4chan as his personal army. He displays a complete lack of sense, and deserves what he receives.

As Lazarus Long once said: Thou shalt remember the 11th Commandment and keep it Wholly.

For those who might not know, this eleventh commandment is “Thou shalt not get caught”.

I disagree. The whole idea behind “getting caught” implies that your proper course of action depends upon other people’s ability to veto it, ie it is the position of those who are politically insolvent.

My “commandment” (if I may be so pompous) is to “Know who your friends are”. If a groups status quo is to treat people unfairly, and one acquiesces, then one makes themselves part of the problem. It is often made inconvenient by outsiders, but dealing with upstart government forcefully tends to be the responsible thing to do. They are your employees - and you are partly at fault for whatever mischief they perpetrate in your name.

Right. Overthrown any governments lately? You talk a mean game, but Revolution is considerably easier and more comfortable from a computer desk. Also, who you callin’ pompous, blowhard?

I think creating governments is a more constructive activity. I had assumed that you and I are both “government”, although I could be mistaken.

Is it? I doubt if there’s much of anything easy about it by any method. Also, I don’t intend to be “mean”, I try to be fun. One of the biggest, most unexpected obstacles I have encountered is the fear of the average person who would stand to benefit the most. I offer what I think is helpful and optimistic but the feedback I get back is that everything is always extremely “serious”, despite my efforts.

If you read my post, I asked if you would indulge me a moment to be so pompous as to relate what I thought was a more appropriate methodology. I say pompous because the whole idea of delivering divine edicts for people to obey seems quite pompous to me. I love Heinlein and doubt if he would disagree with me on that point.

Such hyperbolic claims are as tired as they are inaccurate. The FBI no longer gives a crap what color you are.

And you know this how?

From having a family member in the FBI for many years (who is a white man with non-white children) and from having several recent interactions with the FBI.

I should add, the old guard at the FBI was most definitely racist, and the fedguv made a concerted effort to fix that starting about the same time they hired my relative.

I generally check for these things, and I can assure you I am NOT government. I am a citizen trying to make my government a better thing, and finding myself extremely frustrated by a lack of real options. For better or worse I am a consumer of government, but I am not the thing I use.

I would call it rude and condescending, but that’s just like, my opinion man.

Glad to hear it. My personal experiences from the past 5 years have been less than positive, but perhaps New Mexico has a higher population of assholes than your part of the country.

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I ask you, where does the buck stop?

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