After calling Mike Brown memorial a 'pile of trash,' Ferguson police public relations rep let go




So this public relations rep is facing more severe consequences than other officers in different cities for killing unarmed teenagers…


Looks like Missouri is in for a long hot summer .


Well, at least now we know what it takes for a member of the police force to be fired.

Oh, wait, he was merely placed on unpaid leave. I guess that’s something.


If a spokesperson’s job is to say what the department really thinks, seems like he was actually doing a pretty good job.


That alone is so extraordinary as to lead me to believe they’ve already made up their minds to fire him.

It’s interesting that for a PR rep to say a memorial “looks like a pile of trash” = gross incompetence

But a police officer killing an unarmed suspect is just doing his job :cry:

EDIT: added missing phrase


This reminds me of a saying I learned when I was a kid: if you can’t say something nice… about the person your department killed, keep your damn gob shut. Is that how it went?


You know, the PR dude should have shot the reporter. That way, he gets paid leave.


How about we just move all the memorial stuff to the grave site!


Really? So we kill people for having an “attitude” now?

Is that what you meant to say?


It’s been that ways since before the days of Emmett Till.


The empathic person doesn’t condem a memorial as a pile of trash, but helps to build a more elegant memorial.


Thank goodness we have people like you here to tell us how things really are.


Hell, he’s facing more severe consequences than cops from that same department that threatened to shoot reporters, that filed false charges (after having detained the wrong guy), that assaulted and even killed people.


Thuggishness is defined in law as a Class AAA Superfelony. Trials, and other sorts of due process are too good for such despicable exiles from the polity, and the prescribed penalty for those deemed guilty is immediate execution.


Mmmm maybe PR isn’t this guy’s best career path.

“OK gang, I got the new slogan! - ‘Soylent Green: It’s People!’ - Ah? Ah? What do you think? Do we have a winner or what?”


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Looks like meat’s troll is back on the menu, boys happy mutants!


Yeah, kid was being all “uppity”. Can’t be having that now, can we?


Um, no. And neither have you.


Alas, poor willy, we hardly knew ye for one post longer than we wish’d.

He’s suspended until “user.suspendedTillDate” which may turn out to be the 12th of Never.