Astonishing aerial view of Hong Kong's public housing towers

Here’s a Kai Tek night landing vid:

Check out the approach lighting through the city.

Bladerunner scenes come to mind.


I’m sure all the proper drone permits were filled out for this.

Interesting work, but I find it unsettlingly hyperreal. Colors too bright, light too sharp, buildings too clean and unworn. High rises in Hong Kong begin to show crud and mildew pretty much immediately, especially in less affluent neighbourhoods.

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Once I took a flight that landed at Logan Airport. It was at night, and we could see into people’s apartments. I was terrified and horrified by the experience. Up to that point, the airports I’d visited were in more remote places. The thought of how many more people could be involved in an accident, and that area residents saw planes coming in so close to their homes all the time, bothered me.

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Well then, you’d be happy to learn that the Chinese built an island airport away from populated urban areas just for you.

Behold the new HK Intl airport, Chek Lap Kok:


New 20 years ago anyway. :rofl:

Construction details

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Looks like an improvement…as long as the island isn’t artificial. Those seem to have a tendency to sink.

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Check Lap Kok is actually a well designed, reasonably civilized airport. Landing at Kai Tak was an amazing experience, but not something you want to do over and over again.


I remember seeing one video that showed the red and white fence that was used as a target for the pilot to turn right on…

I wonder if there is any post-processing to remove the spherical distortion of the lens and keep it so right.

Stunning and depressing…

I was actually on one of the last flights into Kai Tak, I remember one of the crew made some kind of announcement about seeing us at the new airport next time and everybody cheered!

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