Claustrophobic overhead shots of Hong Kong residential buildings


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More vertiginous than “claustrophobic.”


And one day, all the world will look like that. Minus the greenery, though.


Some of the photos at the source show buildings wrapped around their own air well.

Those certainly look claustrophobic.


Analagous to Trantor, at the galactic centre?


Like some kind of nightmare tileset for SimCity: there is only one residential building and it’s everywhere.


What’s with the boat in Walled City #8?


The Black Rock.


Is that a boat in the last pic?


Very cyberpunk! I seem to recall a photoset of the same buildings, but straight from the side, and from street level looking up. It looked even worse.


It was originally on water, but didn’t move fast enough as buildings went up around it. Now it is land-locked.


Get used to claustrophobia.
It’s the future.


some sort of shopping mall,114.1905188,640a,35y,39.3t/data=!3m1!1e3


It’s the Whampoa shopping mall, named after the famous Whampoa shipyard, now United Dockyard. Just in case you wondered if Hong Kongers could be as crass as Americans, they can.

ETA: Looks like you found it on your own.


Cleaner and less chaotic (but also less visually interesting) than the Kowloon Walled City was…


The more we choose to live like this now, the more room we leave for the greenery tomorrow. High density vertical should be our goal: minimum space occupied & resources consumed, minimum environmental footprint on every level, maximum human withdrawal from what’s left of the natural world.


Oh, I know. But…other people don’t see it that way: they want their pax, their manifest destiny. Their bungalow with a white picket fence, manicured lawn and a hundred square feet of asphalt.


Ha! Last week I changed my desktop wallpaper to pick from some photos of Kowloon Walled City. I like the dense housing approach.


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