Astronaut Luca Parmitano's first-person account of almost drowning in space


Aaauggh! So freaky! What a nightmare when you can’t get away from a weightless water bubble that only wants to stick to things like your face.

Wow, that is worse that what was initially reported. The loss of being able to see and communicate must have been terrifying.

Maybe I missed it… but what was the cause of the problem?

[quote=“kmccrory, post:4, topic:7958, full:true”]Maybe I missed it… but what was the cause of the problem?

Normally astronauts get their air from a dimensional portal between their spacesuit and the Earth’s atmosphere (typically outside of mission control). But there was some construction work there and they had to adjust the coordinates so that the astronauts weren’t inhaling diesel fumes. An 8 and a 0 were mixed up on one of the spacesuits, and the astronaut started breathing Lake Michigan. It happens all the time. NASA won’t tell you this, of course. They say it was because of a cooling system leak.


They don’t seem to know yet but a likely cause is a leak between the cooling system (which uses water) and the air circulation system. So as well as drowning there was a risk of overheating.


Dear Sirs:

I am writing to tell you of a recent concern with one of your products, the Suit, Space, Astronaut. The air circulating system seems to be circulating water and, well, wouldn’t you know it, the water cooling system is filled with air.

Please correct this in future models.


Thanks for the replies, guys! :slight_smile:

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