Astronaut: watch YouTube videos with no views


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Observation changes outcome.


So, the internet is made of cats after all?


These are the memories of the Nexus 6 line, if they had been seeded with videos instead of photographs.


Does update the count once the footage has been watched? And isn’t it more correct to say that these videos have view counts that are neither zero nor positive?

Shoenberger’s cat, right?


How do I know I won’t see something nasty? I get traumatized just reading descriptions of NSFL videos on the internet.




You don’t know. You just might stumble across a murder vid right before it gets taken down.

Also there can be porn on YouTube, just as long as it isn’t indexed and therefore isn’t searchable. Private videos can also result in a lot of content being hosted that shouldn’t be hosted, simply because it can’t be found and reported.


A bad soap opera, a guy singing, a weird prom, blinking lights, some Ukrainian kids, a hippopotamus flash light…

So far so good.


Except the clips are too short to register a view.


This is excellent! Ive been clicking through and giving them a :thumbsup:. Spreading some encouragement.


That would do it


Watching it really feels like decoding humanity as an alien visitor.


this is awesome

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