Astronauts share their experiences seeing Earth from space

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Seems to me anyone with the skills and, um, stuff to become an astronaut is probably going to be able to find something profound to say about the experience.


Older adults now are the last people who will remember what it was like to see a photo of the Earth for the first time. I hope someone is collecting that oral history.


…precious few people have rocketed into orbit and seen the sun peeking out from behind that curved horizon.

I wish this sharing of their experiences would change the perspective of Flat Earthers…

I am a tried and true heliocentric globalist. But hearing stories like this are what make me oddly suspicious of NASA. We’ve had 6 flights to the moon and no data from any of those visitations. We have apparently lost the technology to go out into deep orbit, or at least, that’s how it has been explained away.
Astronauts (565) of them have seen earth from space and none of them can say how it felt to be out in space? That sounds like either a. we are not privy to the information or b. someone is trying to hide something or c. we should bury our heads in the sand and all pretend it never happened.

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