Astronomy: Mars and Venus conjunction tonight


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Red lights, green lights, strawberry wine…


(edit) Venus and Mars were about half a degree apart and a degree west of the moon

"…To put this in perspective, the full moon viewed from Earth is about 1⁄2 degree…"

So, Venus and Mars are alright tonight?

Thank you, goodnight!


huh interesting, and an unusual new moon… yeah, i am on werewolf alert. :confused: :smile: Tying myself up.


Ah, Venus and Mars. I’m glad those two kids finally hooked up.

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Had tripod when I noticed, just after sunset, south of Tallahassee FL


Venus and Mars need to be careful. One time when they got too close they got a little surprise engineered by Vulcan. I believe it was Neptune who said only Venus should be punished and offered to take the place of Mars. That could wreak havoc on the solar system.

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I saw it last night, about half hour after sunset. It was still a bit light, so most of the other stars weren’t visible, and it was a bit higher up, not lost behind trees and buildings. Cool view!

I tried to see it the night before, but I read about it a bit too late, so the moon was already down behind trees. There was a bright star that might have been Venus. The meteor that showed up made it worthwhile.

This ephemeris page also shows a charting of the phenomenon (dates down the first left column, planets across the top, moon second planet column, venus and mars, 5th and 6th). It’s actually very unusual for two faster moving planets to be that closely in synch with each other for that many days.

Odd that this coincides with the Chinese Year of The Goat/Sheep beginning, since the sign the three planets in is related to the same family of animals.

They were trying to keep the whole affair on the down-low by hiding out in Greece under the names “Aphrodite” and “Ares.”



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C’mon, you’ll just wake up tomorrow wet, cold, scratched and bruised in a ditch, with no recollection of the night. Most people take it as a marker of a really good party.


It’s cool. Remember,

But when worlds collide
Said George Powell to his bride
I’m gonna give you some terrible thrills drugs and some pills.

Sitting in the stand of the sports arena
Waiting for the show to begin
Red lights, green lights, strawberry wine
A good friend of mine, follow the stars
Venus and Mars
Are alright tonight

Paul McCartney - Venus And Mars/Rock Show

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Yes, well, that is one of the symptoms of what my metaphor of “werewolf” was hiding. Not as fun as it can seem. Thankfully, I was able to satiate myself with only one bottle of wine, and some other otc drugs I have found which helps.

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