At $99, the ScoutPro is an all-in-one beast for cabled and wireless charging

Originally published at: At $99, the ScoutPro is an all-in-one beast for cabled and wireless charging | Boing Boing

This product is not ready to order. As of this writing, it’s still a Kickstarter project looking for backers.


I was just about to say the same. With a 5.4 year life span or 2000 charges, that’s pretty good [$99US] for off gridding and road warriors.

For Kickstarter beginners:

The reviews are not kind, and if they [ScoutPro] fail to make the product, you DO NOT get your money back.

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thanks for that.
You’re the, uh, guy.


I’ve only ever used Kickstarter to back upcoming books/magazines, and one set of super cool jellyfish pins. I’m always too hesitant about tech that over-promises and under-deliveries, having been burned once or twice during that late 90’s vaporware period.

These are the pins by the way. How could I resist? The product lived up to the expectation, but it was also by people I sort of knew, so it wasn’t a risk.

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If you are looking for off grid gear, I have been amassing research for my travel van up-fit. Happy to share.


I know you are offering to share with others, but here is one for you. The hilariously named “Jackery” (I think I have Explorer 160 Portable Power Station – Jackery the low end model) has served me pretty well on some (van) camping trips. It is definitely less costly than the Goal Zero I had before it, and unlike the goal zero it hasn’t kicked the bucket. I don’t know what your actual needs are, so this might not fit it, but if you haven’t made a choice yet you should take a look at their line up (and if you have made a choice I would love to hear what it is)

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Going through the paces with this unit as I write, ECOFLOW Portable Power Station DELTA EcoFlow DELTA – The Ultimate Portable Power Station . It cost $1000.00 us, I see on there website that it is $1200.00 US, check around, retailers discount it from time to time.

So far it has preformed 100%, it has run 3 vent fans [6 watt], 4x’s [2 minutes per] 700 watt microwave, 2x’s [3 minutes per] toaster oven, and the ARB Portable Fridge/Freezer 101 Quart Dual Zone Portable Fridge/Freezer [set on eco/low] for 9 hours. I have run the test out of doors in the heat of the day [approx. 80 degrees F] with zero negative issues on 4 separate days. I would say it was down to 5% by the time the tests where completed, then I recharged it to 100% to repeat test.

The Jackery is popular among the up-fit van crowd, but I liked the fact that this unit got a recharge to 80% in like an hour from my gas generator, I do not intend on using a solar unit on my roof, nor do I need it to run my aux. A/C unit while we sleep [it would not work for that], the generator will suffice for the heavy lifting electrically speaking.

Nice chatting with you.

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Yeah, you are looking at a very different class of device! (aka “you have serious needs, I’m charging phones and running some lights”)

I hope the DELTA works out well for you!


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