Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Duo: All day charger for mobile gadgets


I’m a big fan of spare batteries, but that Mophie pack looks … way (2-3x) overpriced for what it is ($100 for a 6000mAH battery w/ 2 USB ports, 2.51x4.52x1.03in, 12oz).

In my bag for the past couple years, I’ve been carrying around this iSound 16,000mAh battery which supports 5 USB devices charging at 2.4A (it’s slightly heavier/bigger 5.8x3.2x1in, 14.6oz) and sells for about $70 - the more comparable 8000mAh version is $50 (3.5x3.5x1in, 8.2oz). While Amazon shows reviews giving warnings about the quality, we about 30 of them in the office and have had maybe one stop charging over 2 years.

A directly comparable device w/ good Amazon ratings (but that I haven’t had personal experience with) is the Satechi 10000 mAh (actual capacity reportedly about 6000mAh). It offers 2 USB ports 2A, 2.3x5.7x0.8in, 7.4oz and costs $60 or even better yet, the Monoprice 8000mAh - 2 USB 2.1A, 2.3x4.6x0.8in, 9.1oz) for a ridiculously cheap $28.48.

(For those that don’t know about Monoprice, they’re awesome - they do testing/vetting to provide bulletproof house brand parts (started w/ cables but they’ve been expanding) at dirt-cheap prices. The also do same-day/next-day shipping in California.)


Well, this is odd. What happened to the 2 or 3 other comments I read here last night, mentioning other brands? I came back to find out what they were and do a little comparison shopping, and … they’re gone.

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Whoa, you’re right - the bb post was like 12hrs ago but the thread was created 3hrs ago… I wonder what’s up w/ that. Hopefully this thread doesn’t also get deleted/a mod can pipe up about what’s going on.

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Morphie packs have always looked crazy expensive.
I’m using a 20000 mah pack that does just great. Got me through a 5 day music festival a couple of months ago with me being the guy who could boost everyone else’s phone. Under twenty pounds now. I think I paid thirty and thought it a bargain.

I’m very happy with the Sony CP-F10L I picked up in HK recently (also available on eBay).

10,000mAh, 2 x USB, 3.6A max, 1000 recharges and a slim aluminium body.

Less expensive than the Mophie too, despite being a ‘premium’ brand.

I just got a Hyperion extended battery instead. Lasts forever and far less annoying then carrying a charger around like a colostomy bag.

I know these Cool Tools posts are just a reason to post some gear that’ll getcha some sweet referral credit but: An android phone as a hotspot for an iphone? The world lols at you, sir. The world lols at you.

Also no one but those speaking Keigo or reading from a phrasebook would say chikatetsu, nor would you ask such a question because in Tokyo there’s usually several subway lines/stations within a couple hundred meters of wherever you find yourself. You’re usually asking for the eki (station) and you usually wanna know WHICH eki you want: Koenji eki wa doko desu ka? and while that ‘u’ is there at the end of ‘desu’ I sure as hell hope you’re not pronouncing it (rookie mistake). Also, everyone just calls the subways densha (trains) anyway.

Ed: Also in Japan starbucks/McDonalds/most fast food outlets also have free wifi and there are McDonalds stores freaking everywhere. If you just want teh interwebz, go there. You could even d/l the map data for offline browsing and you wouldn’t even NEED mobile data for navigating around.

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That would work heaps good on an iphone, amirite?

yeah, you should really fix that.

Smug android guy is just as bad as smug iphone guy. We’re not talking about me here: I’ve never owned an ithing.

I do seem to remember posting about Anker products last night.

oh I see, so you’re just bitching at everyone for no particular reason.

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Cheaper, smaller, better…

…and hopefully this post won’t be deleted

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No I was pointing out that your solution wouldn’t work for someone who is using an iphone, as the author of the post supposedly is.

Try to keep focussed. I’m sorry if my sensible, on-topic commentary is confusing for you.

Cheaper,smaller,better … Compare with Anker.

…and hopefully this post won’t be deleted too.

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I lived in Tokyo, over 20yrs ago now. Never got lost. You can walk in any directions and find a station within 15mins.
and if you get on one of the main lines such as the Yamanote line which goes in a circle you’re fine. All you need is a credit card size Tokyo subway map.

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All you need is a credit card size Tokyo subway map.

Which you can get an English version of in most stations (especially the large, central ones).

Oh, and this probably didn’t exist when you were there but I would have been screwed without it:

May have been a glitch. Falcor sees no deleted posts in the thread.


For people considering getting one of these, check the “compatibility list” on their website to make sure your phone’s on it. I use a less-common smartphone and the mophie simply doesn’t charge it, though the same unit works for other phones. Not that I think it’s a bad device, just make sure it’ll work for you.