At around 500 rubber bands, the external pressure forces the watermelon to explode

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Is the wheelbarrow inflated too?

If you look closely you can see it is already partially filled with air.


Who let Gallagher into the office supply closet?

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The bubbles going down (instead of up) from the scuba gear was the give-away. HOWEVER… There are cool things underwater that are amazing to research… Underwater Lakes are REAL. Not conspiracy theory or anything like that. But just pools of liquid that have different density to surrounding water. You can even have underwater rivers (Where the water is mixed with Hydrogen Sulfide and is too dense to mix/float with surrounding water). Have a google. Some of the images are beautiful!

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In Germany there was a TV Show called “Nicht nachmachen” - “Don’t try this”

They did this a few years ago Vid

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