This sky pool lets you walk on air (in water)


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Nope. Same as with the glass floor at the top of Toronto’s CN tower. Nope nope nope.



Thus endeth the comments…


Cool. My feet would be all NOPE! but floating face down with a snorkel would be amazing.


On the plus side, when I pee myself, the water’s probably already warm…


Long time ago I had an idea like this, only the pool would connect across two skyscrapers, and swimming would be like flying. Recently I read that someone is actually making something very similar.

Obviously would have to be located in an earthquake-free zone.


It’s the feeling of flying that would make me try this once…once.


God damn it, I was going to make a joke like that…

But yes, big ass nope.


Added to the list of ‘things that make my sphincter tighten’.


there is no way i would do that. just the video made my heart race a little.



Water weighs eight pounds per gallon. Just saying.


I didn’t know that US water has a lower density. Interesting!


Just last week I walked on air (on my steel roof).

Yes, silliness. Glass pool looks cool, and fun.



If I can reasonably imagine this scenario taking place, I don’t do ____.


“Hey, I can see the poors from here!”


A US gallon weighs 8.34 pounds.

Close enough.

EDIT to add: Whoops, I totally misunderstood what @renke was saying. My apologies!


Looks pretty awesome. I would love to do that. Lower risk than Devil’s Pool at Victoria Falls.


*descends shrieking into acrophobia-induced catatonia*