Roll-up floating pool-pad that supports up to 1300lbs


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All right, $800 for now and I am so much closer to miserly when it comes to not dissolving all my sunblock and nanotitania. Maybe a little extra to coat it in superoleophobic stuff on one side or another, and I can get a run up with 1000lb. of meat hats and splash across to the sandbar. Where is the trapper (ADnDv3.5) angle?


I used to know a guy who had a Boeing 707 exit slide/raft he got surplus. Towed it around a lake with his boat for massive mobile parties. Fun times!


Oh man, I really want one of the smaller ones, but I guess they figure those can’t support one American.


I’m gonna lose another 250 lbs by next summer if it kills me.


When you get to that point, why not just lounge beside the pool and save your money?


Lying partly in the water for the cooling is a big plus. Of course that doesn’t apply so much if you just stick a lounge chair on it… so I’m with you there. Just having your feet in the water, I guess.


Cool but for 800 bucks I also want it in the shape of a lilly pad!!


This will hold just enough unsecured crap to get you into real trouble. Someone’s going to set a hibachi on top of the cooler and lose it all when he leans too far in his lawn chair.

I really hope someone gets that on video.


Not Prime eligible? screw it.


That or someone will run a extension cord out to it and have electrical devices going on it!


I bet Jack and Rose could have both lived on that!!!



excellent…just what the worlds oceans need.


Amazon has this filed under Vegetables? WTF?



I’m quite the daredevil, but that’s just fucking insane.

“What, it’s fine! Don’t be a wi-” zzzz-zzzt.


Genetically modified organisms can get pretty weird.


There is a good money in taking money from people who do not know what to do with it otherwise.


$800 to not be in the water? Isn’t the ground free?