Beachbells are going to be your new favorite, fully-customizable workout buddies

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The Beachbell’s most appealing feature is also its simplest. Whether you want a tiny 3 lb. weight or a more formidable heft of up to 35 lbs., all you have to do is adjust your Beachbells to accommodate. It’s all based on sand — just scoop up or pour out sand to your desired weight

So it’s an … empty sack? Well at least it’ll be stupid-cheap.

This two-pack of Beachballs multi-weight portable kettlebells is regularly priced at $110, but right now, you can get the set of two for $10 off, just $99.99



What if I need more than 35 lbs. Can I put my 45-lb kettlebell into one of those bags?


So its basically the same price Uncle Sam pays for “bags, sand, soldiers for the use of”? What a deal!

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My idea of a workout buddy is someone to say, “Hey, don’t work out”.


This is perfect for my landlocked Colorado lifestyle!


Just be sure to leave the sand on the beach when you’re done.


Those weight lines are making a pretty big assumption about the water content of the sand loaded in them.


Just what my workout was missing, sand fleas… :thinking:

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I’m betting these will quickly be banned from beaches. Can’t have people stealing the beach 6lbs at a time…

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served in a commemorative tote bag!


To be fair, it’s an empty sack that needs to be heavy-duty enough to handle dynamic exercise with almost the weight of a 5-gallon water bucket. Whether that justifies the price, I don’t know, but don’t try this with your reusable shopping bags.

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So it has all the disadvantages of improvised weights, like shifting weight balances and imprecise mass, but also the disadvantages of purchased weights, like high cost and storage issues? That seems less than ideal.

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Well there you go: 5-gallon bucket would work a treat.

I can’t see anything that could go wrong with that.

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