Sand will exit this beach mat and it will not return

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Ah but what if you accidentally lay it upside-down? Does it merely attract and retain sand, or actually force it upwards in a sandy geyser? That might be fun to watch, but it would be a drag to lay down in.


Who do I have to kill to get a “Blanket of Sand Banishment” around here?


Usually they are guarded by beach trolls. Remember that beach trolls can only be harmed by warm beer or flat chested women. The duffel bags containing the blankets are often also trapped. Finally, beware the numerous Sarlacc pits that beach trolls maintain around their lairs.


It’s the old “strap buttered toast to a cat” thought experiment!


Strap on the cat?



“Buttered Toast is going where???”


It’s ten bucks cheaper from Amazon, but the reviews are scathing. “The sand doesn’t fall through, it comes up. Uncomfortable to sit on … This is horrible and I am incredibly upset. This is not a beach mat it is a sieve, anything comes through.”

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I was wondering if it could work like that. Makes sense after all.

Looks like you’re not even marking the shill posts on the front page with a “From the Boing Boing Store” box anymore. #DisappointedInBoingBoing

@orenwolf, didn’t you tell me a few months ago that Boing Boing will never, ever present ad copy without identifying it as such?

Yes, that’s correct. What are you referring to? The author says right on it “Boing Boing’s Store”.

Perhaps it should also clearly state “Boing Boing’s Store” when one uses the Show Full Post option? Perhaps that is the problem here.

It is a third-party ad that looks exactly like a native blog post unless one reads the byline, and even then one might very reasonably assume that “Boing Boing Store” means products actually used and endorsed by Boing Boing writers, rather than unvetted advertising.

What possible reason could you have for formatting it that way except to lend false credibility to a third-party ad? I know you guys have to pay the bills to keep giving us free content, and I don’t begrudge you that. What bugs me is you’re deliberately deceptive about it, and worse, you’re deceptive about it while continuing to post righteously indignant articles about other deceptive advertisers, not to mention other sellers of overpriced crap just like this.

We’ve discussed this before. It is labeled as being from our store. The link takes you to our store. If you aren’t interested in the items you don’t have to purchase them.

I recommend you take a closer look at places that actually post deceptively. We’re not putting an author byline on it nor are we attempting to make our store appear to be another vendor or something.

You can keep trying to drum up indignation about this but I challenge you to find someone who actually purchased something from our store who didn’t realize they were purchasing something from our store.

As for endorsed products? We’re one of the few sites that actually does that - just look for posts that DO have author bylines.

Here’s a better way to deal with sand.

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