Swimming pool in skyscraper was bad idea


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Sounds like quite the rich person problem


While I don’t feel much sympathy for the uneaten rich…yeah. That’s it.


One of the grossest things I have seen in my life was a rooftop swimming pool on a hotel in Delhi. The water was a deep gray.


More of a hot tub than a swimming pool…And who the heck puts that in their dining room? Seriously? Putting what has the potential to be a giant petri dish if not carefully maintained right next to food prep and eating? That is a triple plus bad idea.


was coming to say the exact same thing.


I guess the people designing the poolettes didn’t talk to the structural engineers about the expected sway in storm conditions. Hopefully someone mentioned to the structural engineers “Oh by the way, we’re loading many tons of water on the top of the building, does that make a difference to your calculations?”


The fact that the buildings sway so much in the weather makes me think skyscrapers are a bad idea!

My dad used to work in the Transamerica Occidental Life Insurance building in Los Angeles (one of the first modern skyscrapers in L.A.) and he said the building would vibrate and rock back and forth in high winds, after remote earthquakes, and after underground nuclear tests in Nevada.

People complain about building codes in the U.S.A. but some of them are actually quite practical.


ces poolettes ?


As stupid as the pool is, why the hell didn’t the person filming it put down the phone and hit the button to drain it instead? Even if it just takes a foot or two of water out it probably would have prevented quite a bit of damage.


If it’s in a skyscraper, it’s probably not his pool. Also, it’s not in somebody’s living room, that’s probably a small bar.


Needs more cow bell tuned mass damper.


It looks like a dining room, with the kitchen behind it.


Developers, Developers, Developers!


Same answer as always: someone with more money than sense.


It was my understanding that pools in dining rooms should have dolphins in them.


Anyone whose home features here:


Yes. See floor plan here:

(área de lazer is recreation area and espaço gourmet is gourmet space)


Can damping systems be retrofitted? I’d guess not, or if they can I’m sure it is fairly invasive.


The best part is that the people who put in these “luxurious amenities” are the same ones most prone to saying “well, if you’re so smart why aren’t you rich like me?”