AT&T hates telcoms regulations, except when it insists on them


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Seems legit.

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Where can we see a list of what states have laws preventing towns from creating their own networks? I want my town to create its own high speed network. I’m so sick of getting screwed by these bastards.

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As someone who has worked with major telecoms, these industries only exist because of the government. These are some of the most highly regulated industries and many areas of business exist only because of laws.

For example, did you know that there is a LAW that says that a portion of the box that holds your telephone connection must be accessible to the home owner? I know of a company that makes the boxes that hold those wires. They make a tidy sum selling the special boxes they make that can lock on one side but have some wires accessible to the homeowner on the other. If that law changed, it would impact their business immensely.

To say big government needs to get off their back is complete bullshit. Big government has their back.


Fuck AT&T !!!

I’m so glad I finally kicked them to the curb, even though it took four phone calls and three months get them to actually cancel my service.

Yeah, I am delighted to be free of AT&T and Bank of America. Next to go, Comcast.

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This makes me angry, is there any conceivable reason for their legislation other than corporate greed?

Isn’t corporate greed sufficient to warrant a legislation?

At this rate American internet is going to have to start making a lot more use of IP over pigeon.

IP over Avian Carriers may, in fact, be a better service than the laughable shit pedalled at you currently.

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Actually, try to calculate the transfer rate of a 64GB microSD card sent by a pigeon.

The stories about slow internet connections just cancelling the upload and pigeons beating bad infrastructure over short distances with about 1GB are scary.
Could be great for backup, I guess, but I wonder about security…


@miasm - okay, find me one example of that pigeon not getting through.


I think you have the wrong image:


Ha, nice. Did you make that?

Yes, I don’t have Photoshop though so my weapon of choice is PowerPoint. (You can do some basic editing, then save multiple objects as an image file)

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