Atlanta pays $20,000 to critic forced to post pro-cop message to Facebook

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The only problem with secure logins on the internet is there’s no red ink.

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THEY ARRESTED BATON BOB?! As a former resident of Atlanta, I am outraged. Everybody loves Baton Bob. (And everybody hates the APD, but that’s another story altogether.)


Wouldn’t it be nice if the APD were forced to post a praising Baton Bob in their own Faceboob page?

Apart for the money, that’s it.


Even the way this started is fucked up:

As he passed from a parking deck through Colony Square Mall, APD Officer H.J. Davis, who was working off-duty security for the Midtown Alliance’s private security detail, Midtown Blue, allegedly harassed Jamerson, who in turn “may have used an expletive,” the lawsuit says.

Ten minutes later, Davis arrested Jamerson at the intersection during the middle of a performance. According to the lawsuit, Davis forcibly placed Jamerson’s hands behind his back, shoved him to the ground face first, and handcuffed him without reading his Miranda rights.

$20,000 isn’t enough. His rights were violated at every turn, here. Harassed by an off-duty cop, arrested on trumped up charges (and a bad arrest, no less), false imprisonment, violation of privacy rights (in forcing his Facebook password), and violation of free speech rights. The Facebook post was apparently their response to press attention as a result of the arrest. Not only are they criminal, they’re incredibly stupid, too.


Can’t resist:

complementary =/= complimentary

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Atlanta Cops are great kissers.

Agreed, $20k is too little. If police departments aren’t sufficiently punished for this type of thing, they will just keep doing it.

Baton Bob used to live in St. Louis, and would perform on the streets below the building I worked in in 2002/2003. He had a Spider-Man routine that was a crowd favorite.

As I’m sure you can imagine he put up with a lot of abuse, but most people were very defensive of him. All he wants is to put a smile on your face. I could never understand how that really seemed to bother some people.


The APD tried to pressure another street performer to testify against him but the mime wouldn’t talk.


You know? I think $20K for Baton Bob is probably better.


sounds like the APD, all right.

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His constitutional rights were violated repeatedly, and all he got was $20k, because apparently, the DA didn’t think a crime happened.

There were no criminal indictments against the officers involved even though what they did is very specifically multiple crimes.

Mindboggling. This is why people were rioting in Baltimore, when the cops can’t be charged with crimes when they are shown to be criminals, there’s no point to having the police anymore.


Hey, the arresting officer got a one day suspension and resigned (presumably in order to work for another police department) and his superior officer got a five day suspension (with pay?), what more do you want? It’s possible someone even made a vague statement of regret! I mean, they just made a little mistake, it’s not like abusively arresting people on trumped-up charges and forcing them to make public statements about how well they’re being treated to throw off the press is some sort of third-world, totalitarian police-state tactic that makes a mockery of our constitutional rights or anythi… oh, yeah, I guess it is.
It seems like the only time police actually get prosecuted is if they do something grossly illegal, then officially lie about it, then a video recording surfaces that shows exactly what they were doing and proves they were lying. But even then, it seems like the only way to guarantee a conviction is if the cop was doing it on their own time, off duty, with no connection to anything police-related.


Just like what happened in this case?

Fabulous! That is all.

He arrested the guy, so “police activity.” (I also wonder if he was in uniform while doing security work - that probably would have been enough.) By not-police-related, I mean things like stalking women while planning to murder and eat them. NYCPD’s “cannibal cop” probably could have avoided that initial conviction if he’d tried to tie it into his law enforcement duties by saying those women were criminals or something…


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