Atomic Chemistry Set - cool Kickstarter project

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If your kids can’t kill themselves four ways, it’s not a real chemistry set. These days it’s all baking soda and vinegar.


I assume this thing is TSA carry-on compliant.

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So, if ordering it won’t get you on the no fly list, it’s not a real chemistry set…



Atomic? Does it include a lead box?

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To be fair, it IS made of atoms…


I really wanted the first one they made- but I couldn’t stomach the price. And my kids were too young.
I want this one, too (though not as badly as the first…). And I still can’t stomach the price.
Ah, well.


It is a bit much. I think my brother’s and mine was under $40 back in the early eighties.

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I thought this looked familiar.


For $600 it better come with the precursors to LSD and/or methamphetamine, in copious quantities.


$600? Crap. I remember getting decent stuff from Edmund Scientific back in the day.


How is this “insane”? A cursory glance at the kickstarter page shows an impressive list of well known demo reactions. Reactions that are visual, fun to perform, and illustrate some point or concept.

Or is it “insane” just because it makes science fun and interesting (again)?

Am I the only one wondering what a pre-modern early alchemy set would be like?

Boring as all hell. As a kid I received what I thought was a chemistry kit from the Rosicrucian Museum Planetarium gift shop. It had some labware and herbs and what not included, but the instructions were all nonsense because it was actually an alchemy kit, based on pre-scientific concepts, processes and goals. That is, you wasted time using real ingredients to make bullshit. Total waste of time, and really disappointing as a kid :frowning:

Sounds like most chemistry sets to me, but I was using the old “mix all the stuff up together in a beaker and try to get it to explode” technique.

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At least something detectable happens with a chemistry set. With alchemy the instructions, and results, were, IIRC, based in essentialism and the results were undetectable - the chemistry equivalent of the Holy Eucharist.

The instructions were meant to be confusing, so it would take a miracle to understand them, keeping unworthy alchemists from using them for unworthy ends, but some of the results are reproducable.

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