Candy Chemistry. You know, for kids!

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Apparently not quite. Just a couple of molds, the thermometer, and a couple of tools. Doesn’t really seem like a great deal.

Including all over the kid. Hot sugar syrup burns are no joke.


…none of which is really chemistry

It’s fine, I get it, it’s kind of outdated and few universities will offer degrees in “chemistry” 100 years from now. But if you do have a chemistry degree, this sort of thing is a little deflating.

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Indeed, it doesn’t look like there’s much you couldn’t accomplish with a trip to the library and maybe a stop at the dollar store. But it is only $20.

By 12 I was definitely making brownies, cookies, and fudge by myself. Gee, when I was 11 I went by myself to the downtown electronics store for parts. Took the subway, but soon walked tge distance, my love of walking derives from those early solo walks.

I though this was going to be a chemustry set with chemicals, except the end product was edible, unlike chemistry sets of fifty years ago when you coukd burn sulphur and other fun things. Even my mictoscope kit came with brine shrimp eggs (ie Sea Monkeys).


By the time I was twelve I had this chemistry set: And also an erector set, and my sisters had an Easy Bake oven. A chocolate kit doesn’t seem that bad.

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A bag of Jet-Puffed marshmallows and a microwave is cheaper, involves less work and dedication of time, and just as demonstrative of scientific principles…

…and more fun.

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Should be bundled with the Han Solo in Carbonate candy mold

I started looking at modern chemistry sets when my kids were little and was so disappointed in what they contained compared to the one I had as a kid (mid 70’s) I gave up and just organised buying chemicals online.

With a focus on energetic redox reactions (eg thermite, rocket candy) because they’re engaging for kids, I’m probably on a number of watch lists now. The teen is pursuing chemistry now, so it was definitely worth it.


Bless you for the Hudsucker Proxy reference and reminding me that I need to rewatch it.

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