Attach parachute to snowmobile, fly off of cliff: flying snowmobile




Crazy Finns … redundant i think






I can only wonder what crazy method they’ll use for getting the snowmobile back up the mountain.


All they need now is a blaster cannon and a tow cable and they’ll finally have a snowspeeder worthy of the name.


It was lucky there was a helicopter flying around to film them. It really made a better video than the usual dodgy GoPro shakeycams.


Some Finns have homemade jet engines attached to sleds. I saw (and cannot find now, grumble) a build log of one such engine. Involved tricks like using curing ceramic paint on rotor blades in a toaster oven, and post-mishap complaints that fire extinguisher powder gets everywhere including behind one’s foreskin.

Also check their youtube videos with pyrotechnic and high-voltage shenanigans.

There are Reasons why I love that place.


Not that it was the best bond movie, but I’m surprised that nobody’s mentioned this scene yet:


“Riksgränsen” is literally “the border”, so everything considered … FIN LAND! FIN LAND!



Would have been even cooler if he had flown a penis shape for the GPS track.


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