Finnish guy cuts a hole in lake ice and jumps in to retrieve his stuff


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Cool people save moose that fell through frozen lake

I admire his tenacity & ability to jump into a frozen lake.


Reminds me of what happens when you import a religious ceremony that developed in a slightly warmer country:


20kg of steel?

Insert picture of ICPjuggalomagnetshowmiracles.png


Whatever happened to the good old days when he would find pleasre in simple things, like crushing rolls of masking tape?


Hehe, it’s not as cold as you think. (:



And this couldn’t wait until summer?


Yeah, I watched the melting video and at the end he said he was going to dive in and get it later. I assumed by “later” he meant a season or two. Not a couple of days.

Then I remembered he’s Finnish.

…it all made sense.


I thought the same thing. And he seemed really unfazed over jumping in the water and then back out.


My God it makes parts of me shrink just looking at that!


I want to be Finnish. Between this and the sauna obsession. I belong there.

ETA: It’s a thing there, the ice swimming - sauna combo. He’s done this many times I’m guessing just for kicks.


We need a chaser video, stat! Unicorns don’t seem appropriate, though. Maybe a video of a massive forest fire?

Or, y’know a unicorn.
On fire.




People that don’t exist can’t be affected by the cold.


The Hydraulic Press Channel is still there; Beyond the Press is just their videos that aren’t actually about crushing things.


What’s with the burned-looking dead-spot?


That guy and his wife are the sweetest. Most of the videos are of him doing something silly and her laughing her arse off. It makes me wish for a life where I don’t wake up screaming, then annoyed I’m still alive. Eh.


It’s the highest number of metal bands per-capita and the burgeoning tech scene that’s selling me. Not sure I’d be able to motorcycle anywhere for more than six months a year though so I’m conflicted.

I also enjoy their national sport, which is staring at Russians across the border until they fuck off.


They’re a great couple, very low key and you can tell they get a lot of joy from making their various videos.There’s a few other similar channels i like to watch but their personality really shines through despite a bit of a language barrier.