Walking on a crystal-clear frozen lake

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Christ in a glass bottom boat, that’s amazing!


Re the second video: Dear incredibly stupid person with a death wish. When the ice makes sounds like that, don’t walk on it!


omg – i couldn’t watch all of that. how deep is that? the ice is clearly cracking as they walk. falling through ice is a long-held fear of mine. nope nope nope nope nope


Its not even 2 feet deep. If it breaks they can walk the 15 feet back to shore.


I strongly suspect alcohol was involved.


After they get a bad case of hypothermia. Excellent idea! Just the way to pass a drunken Saturday, with a side trip to the ER!


After they get a bad case of hypothermia.

I think you and I have highly divergent ideas of what constitutes a “bad case” of hypothermia.


Careful out there on the frozen water.


My God that sheet of ice is crying to be skated on…


I think ice needs to be 4 inches thick to support an adult, and it takes a lot of cold to make that much ice. If that dude stays there for like a century global warming is going to kill him!


I hope it’s not crying. That’s bound to make it melt. :grinning:

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Two weeks ago my brother, a Surgeon in training had to tell a father that his 21 year old son was dead after falling into a frozen river. And yes Alcohol was involved a the carelessness of youth. Walking on ice that makes such sounds is incredibly stupid.

As to the other video. I realised it must have been filmed by a drone. The idea that someone would go to such a beautiful spot in the majestic mountains and allow the incredibly annoying noise of a drone disturb that experience only to than create a video with calming soundtrack mystifies me.

Increasingly, here in London we have gone to favorite nature spots only to be haunted by drones. Hampstead Heath, Waterlow Park on a sunny day you can bet that the irritating buzzing noise will drive away any wild life you might enjoy.

Had I been on Silvaplana when this lovely couple was working on their filmic creation I might have been tempted to destroy the source of such auditory irritation.

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Sometimes animals get lucky:

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A little FYI, I’ve swam in water at -10c after having cut a hole in the ice with an axe. BTW, yes it is cold and it hurts. The reason I’m posting is to tell you the trick to get out of a hole in the ice. First you stretch your arms as far as you can onto the ice. Then you kick your feet - like you are swimming. If all goes well your body will go horizontal - like you are swimming. Don’t panic. Keep kicking and you will slowly swim onto the ice. Spread your weight - maybe by crawling and get safely off of the ice.


If you want hypothermia, here’s a lunatic Norwegian to chill your bones.


He does this a lot.


Not sure if the bottle of vodka is required, though.


Presumably, the water was not -10c as in that case you would have been swimming in solid ice.

Also presumably, you were not swimming in your entire winter gear: heavy coat, boots and the rest of the paraphernalia humans need to survive the freezing cold.

Really, I would have never guessed.

Yeh, just quick your feel with liters of freezing water in your shoes.

you will survive. But don’t kid yourself it will be down to luck rather than insider tips.

You are drowning in freezing water, but don’t panic.

Thing is there are people who swim in freezing water as a sport, they train themselves, they know (mostly) what they are doing. But comparing that with breaking through the ice is like the difference of going on a prepared mountain expedition (with food and gear) and being stranded, lost and abandoned in unknown terrain. Your chance of survival decreases exponentially.

Even he takes his clothes of before going into the ice cold water.

seems a little dire for what appears to be 2-3 feet of depth.