After warned to "stay off the ice" on Lake Erie, 18 people played on the ice — and got stranded

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There are a lot of snowmobiles at the bottom of the great lakes.

I actually watched some show where a guy salvaged one. He lived on Beaver Island, MI.


Okay, I can understand the foreign exchange student who wandered out on the ice on Lake Michigan last week because he didn’t understand the risks, but these guys…after not heeding a public service announcement and doubling down?

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Sounds like more of the infantile “we’re going to do the opposite of what you said because freedumb” nonsense.

The country and the institutions used to be able to deal with a certain number of people like this. Most ended up in front of a judge, where they learned consequences really quick. But now it’s like half the nation has the social capabilites of an undisciplined 3-year-old. What the hell happened? Was parenting optional for their parents? Did drumfp really manage to convince his followers to take off their diapers and start crapping wherever they wanted?


Folks are trying to steal the “Mistake on the Lake” moniker from Cleveland.



“You eggheads can’t tell me what to do!”




They skated around, they found out.


I love that satellite picture, I didn’t realize Eerie froze over that completely. I don’t think Superior, Michigan, or Huron ever get that fully covered. Also Lake St. Claire is completely camouflaged. Exciting stuff.


They did their own research …


You’d be shocked at how many people grow up on or near lakes and still end up going through the ice. I grew up on Lake Huron and at least once a year that we lost someone in the commnunity because of this (it was the same on Lake Simcoe).

Heck, out here in the west people start fishing as soon as there’s two inches of ice because they don’t want to miss the early season bite.

Over-confidence plays a big part in these poor decisions, I’m sure.


“The ice is dangerous.”

“Says who?”

“All the experts.”

“What experts?”

“The meteoroligists; the weather service; NOAA; fish and wildlife folks; the guys who harvest ice for a living; those experts.”

“Well, I did my own research and that’s all just Big Ice trying to scare us into going to their expensive ski slopes and ice rinks. They don’t want us to have free ice.”

“That’s… not a thing.”

“Look it up. My friend’s cousin’s uncle’s second wife’s mother posted about it on a facebook.”

“You’re going to die.”

“You’re just scared. You can’t go through life scared.”

“What will you do if the ice breaks up?”

“It won’t, scaredy cat.”

“But what if it does?”

“The coast guard will come rescue us.”

“So, socialism?”

“… that’s not socialism.”



Ice fishing on one of the Great Lakes is a really bad idea. A small inland lake, yes, but not one of the big lakes for this very reason. All those floating pieces of ice could also crush a person like a walnut.


A lot of my work involves offshore ice. Being out on a floe is no joke, a story:

This was sometime in the 80’s so available tech was not as good as today. We were doing a sampling project in the Gulf of St. Lawrence using a Bell 206 with seating for four. One day, the client and his consultant came out for a visit/inspection, which required 2 heli trips to get everybody to the site. I went out first and used the radio to direct the pilot how to find me with the second group.

About mid-day, we need to move to a different floe, about 10 km away. I went on the first flight, leaving the client and his consultant behind with the radio. The pilot drops us off and goes back for them, but sometime during this time the battery in their radio died. The pilot could not find them, so he came back and picked me up as a spotter and we spent a good 20 minutes searching for them. The current was quite strong, so the floes were moving, but I was surprised how difficult it was to see them on the ice, even with bright orange immersion suits on.


How about some mood music for foolish folks?

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We can expect a lot more cases like this in the future as more and more people rely on “alternative weather sources” and so forth because, really, who do those so-called “meteorologists” think they are?


I won’t believe anything about the ways in which lakes freeze over until I hear from Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s friend with the swollen balls.


Someone discovered that they could get crazy rich by promoting this kind of Dunning-Krugeroid behavior.


We get those people in Chicago too. I never hear about them falling in and drowning, so the few people that do it must be pretty experienced.

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