Wave under frozen sea breaks up ice, forcing people fishing to run to shore

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/03/09/wave-under-frozen-sea-breaks-u.html

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More walk briskly to safety, or in one case, calmly continue doing whatever and only start to meander towards shore after he finds himself on a small ice chunk. With that blasé attitude towards danger, I don’t need to see the Cyrillic video title to know that this was filmed in Russia.


How are the people so calm! I would love to see the video keep rolling. There were lots of people still pretty far out. I would be worried about falling between two cracks then getting trapped under the ice.

Agreed about the guy closest to shore, either very smart or very dumb. But the people further out were moving about as fast as is safely possible on ice like that. The walking mechanics are very penguin-like in order to stay upright and there is not even close to enough traction to support actual running.


They weren’t fishing, they were hacking the US elections.


That right there is a metaphor for something. I’ll get back when I figure out what.


“Fuck, I’m a penguin now”

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If I know fishermen (and I do) this could as easily have happened in Chicago.


Nothing marks the end of ice fishing season quite like having the ice break up underneath your feet.


I will never criticize a movie where the characters are running away from disaster that’s always JUST at their heels again. Apparently that’s how it actually works.


They are Russians.
Those people are made out of “I don´t give a fuck”.

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In my copious experience as a guy who lives in Switzerland, running on ice is a lot easier than walking. When walking your feet tend to slip away in front of you. But when running (carefully) that is not the case. I can go jogging in slippery conditions, if I’m careful and don’t go to fast. While shopping for groceries in the same conditions means nearly falling on my ass at least three times. And the next supermarket isn’t far, about 400 m.

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