Finnish guy cuts a hole in lake ice and jumps in to retrieve his stuff

Pfft… he was itching for an excuse to get out that buff finnish body and jump in - this tiny magnet does nothing!


For some reason I pictured that guy being at least twice that age. Like a wizened gnome chuckling over the levers of his hydraulic press.


Surprised he didn’t bring along a hook to put on the end of the rope to catch the weighted metal thing.


He could have, but how is that nearly as much fun?


True, getting naked in the wild is much more fun and makes for better entertainment. :slight_smile:


A while back my (Russian) father was involved in the construction of a manufacturing plant in Russia. One of the project partners was a Finnish firm. At one point in the collaboration, during which he was continually impressed with the quality and professionalism of the Finns’ work – and unimpressed, but utterly unsurprised by the lack of either on the Russians’ part – he told the Finns that he’s never been happier that the Mannerheim Line held.

We used to get that much weight off the bottom of the pool as part of our swim test. I knew a guy who would come swimming up with something like 40? 50? kg. He was basically constrained by how much weight he could hold.

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It’s not really that bad, for the length of time he was in it. I did something very much like this for tough mudder where I ended up stuck in a queue to get out of a dumpster filled with ice and water.

What I think he’s a little nuts for doing is submerging underneath ice too thick to headbutt through in a panic.

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exhaust from whatever left the tire tread marks.

yeah, submerging your head can send some people into shock, making finding the hole in a panic a fatal endeavor.

if you keep a cool head (heehee) and keep track of the hole, then swimming under ice is possible.

This guy is Danish, not Finnish, but still:


It’s a dead-spot on the camera.

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oh you are right, good catch.

i thought he kept waking in front of it, but it was just hard to see that it was discolouring his dark clothes as well. likely something on the lens.

vehicles often leave black soot from the exhaust pipes on the snow if the idle too long in one spot, which is what i thought it was. but i was wrong.

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