Watch some free diving beneath ice for your daily dose of NOPE

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Memories of Damien!

Yep. Nope.

Also “no gear of any kind” =/= naked free ice diving… yet.


Needs a Werner Herzog voice over

“Only now ve realize the beauty as ze last air bubbles of her lungs dance under ze ice looking for the vay to heaven above”


Beat me to it. That insulated diving suit definitely counts as gear, as does the mermaid-style fin. I think Andrea probably meant no breathing gear of any kind.

ETA: ok, having watched the second video: that counts as no gear of any kind. And is about 1000% scarier than the first one. Johanna Nordblad is definitely some kind of mer-being, or else an entirely insane human being.


watch the world record attempt (2nd embedded video). Swim cap and regular looking one-piece bathing suit and goggles. Bare legs, bare arms, bare face, bare feet, bare hands.

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Metallica’s Trapped Under Ice for the remix

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Aw HELLZ no. Nup. Nope. Fuck that shit.


Well at least it’d be an agonizingly peaceful way to die…


Don’t know about that. Had an acquaintance who was a former SEAL and experienced SCUBA instructor die while saving others stuck under ice. Witnesses say he didn’t look peaceful.


Here you are (slightly NSFW):


Not to be overly dark, but I think it all depends on if you are actively choosing it or not.

Like she says in the video, if you let go it’s extremely peaceful…but for everyone else that can’t hold their breath for +6 minutes or just doesn’t want to…yeah it’s going to be nightmarish.

I like free diving type of things like this, and I imagine it’d be like combining it with winter. Not the cold, but the stillness, silence, how everything is there and yet all you hear is sort of a vacuum. I don’t think I’d ever do this, cause it’d take every ounce of metal fortitude to not freak out if I didn’t find the hole quickly.


I managed to click on to the article but noped to the comment section. This is too much nope.


i dunno - nose clips… and what was that, mayonnaise?

Wow that was beautiful!
I have recently found out about Wim Hof and his method. It is amazing how adaptable our bodies are to cold.
For the past week I have been finishing my shower with cold water. Gradually increasing my time in the cold every day. It is intense and invigorating. I highly recommend any of the Mutants out there try it. It is a different experience of being alive. Ice water free diving will have to wait.

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I was expecting to dislike the video, but instead loved it. The snow, the music, the giant ice-sword!!, and the perfect triangle cut into the ice, viewed from above and below…just wow. On top of that, the power of will of Johanna to put up with the terrible cold, to fight the urge to try to breathe too soon, it’s just amazing.


I get that a human can train themselves to hold their breath that long – I’m not going to ever do that, mind you, even if I could, which I doubt – but the ease with which one can get disoriented and lose your way back to your hole – that terrifies me.

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I see they’ve found the actress to play Lenie Clarke.

Wim talked to Joe Rogan about his world record attempt where he accidentally swam past the final opening in the ice and had to find his way back to it in the dark because his eyeballs had frozen.