Auction of early Apple memorabilia owned by the company's original product design engineer

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Considering what a bomb it was, I was going to joke that he should be paying someone to take the “Apple III Design Patent Plaque”, but I see on closer look it is for the design aesthetic, which was actually quite lovely.

Why is the mouse on the left side? :eyes:

I see that the mac has the programmer’s key installed


I just brought home the box labelled “Old Mac” from the storage unit. No swag, just semi-rare parts and dongles and suchlike. Anybody need a 604e expansion card? Or the adapter cable for the grayscale portrait monitor?

I’ve almost forgiven the ex for making me get rid of the Umax S900 tower ten years ago…

Discretion is the mark of a true gentleperson. No need to be nosy about it.

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nice way to fund your retirement!

or a sad way. That he kept them suggests they had some meaning to him at one time


Because that’s where it belongs.


oh I don’t know - I’m at a point with collectables that I’m selling them on eBay so somebody else can enjoy them for a while. Feels like looking forward and not backwards to me.

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oh I agree, personally . At my age, had I had that tendency I would be overwhelmed by now, but this person evidently did at least at one time

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