Auction of entire museum of muscle cars

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Impressive collection but pretty much only Chevy’s and GM cars. Not necessarily a bad thing but it hardly encompasses the entirety of the “muscle car” genre.


Mostly GM it looks like. My dream muscle cars are the 68 Charger with the 440 or the 73 Falcon XB coupe with the 351. Too bad he doesn’t have either of those…

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There are some Ford parts and die-cast cars in the auction, but not a bit of Mopar.
70 Hemi Cuda is my dream car.

OK, one of my dream cars. Basically I’ll take any 66-72 Charger, Challenger, or Barracuda.
Although I wouldn’t turn up my nose at those pretty Camaros and Chevelles he’s got.
But then I’d need a garage. And all the tools that I lost in the divorce. Oh, and my strength and stamina from 30 years ago.

I guess muscle cars are in my past. The good news is I haven’t gotten any speeding tickets since then. :rofl:


It’s too bad that these cars won’t be driven again. I mean, they’re wonderful for driving, but they have the taint of ‘museum piece’.
Unless some crazy people buy them as drivers, and drive them.


Good. Maybe someone will actually drive a couple of them now.


I’m not an automotive guy, but they do look cool. Wouldn’t pay that kind of money because house and kids and whatnot. I’ll stick to my 2006 junker Toyota (which just happened to have the check engine light go on this weekend, you bastard).

I’ve had people ding me on the rear at a stop light. I get out, and if it doesn’t look too bad I just say okay and wave them off. That’s what bumpers are for.

I was driving in the snow in 2005, where the Red Sox won their first national championship in decades. I was on Comm Ave right in front of Guitar Center when WHAM I got rear ended. I get out of the car, see the back of my Jeep is unharmed, then I look at the fancy Volvo (at least $80k). Some frat-boy looking guy gets out and apologizes and is a really nice guy. I’m thinking to myself “Man, this dude’s parents are going to be PISSED” because the entire front end is messed up and leaking coolant.

Me: “So, what’s your name and contact info”.
Him: “Theo Epstein”
Me: rolls eyes then looks again. HOLY SHIT.

I swear I should have asked for tix to opening day, but I just congratulated him on the season, shook hands and left. He politely asked me not to share his personal phone #, which I obliged regardless of the fact that almost every one of my single lady friends was begging me for it :slight_smile:


Check out the aptly named Automobile Driving Museum in El Segundo, CA. They have a nice little collection and the best part is that (in non-Covid times, anyway) once a week they drive museum visitors around the neighborhood in a number of their cars.


@longtimelurker I’m not an automotive guy, but they do look cool.

Yeah, a relative of mine has a 68 Mustang fastback. The smell gives me flashbacks to the tow-cars my Dad’s gliding club used in the 70’s on the old Cold War airstrip they flew from. (Big engine was the only requirement; otherwise it was straight down the runway and try to hit 70mph before calling for the glider to release the cable, as we bounced off the runway into the scrub at the end. Riding in the back kept us kids happy.)

@nixiebunny It’s too bad that these cars won’t be driven again. I mean, they’re wonderful for driving, but they have the taint of ‘museum piece’.

Yeah… no… Old cars smell bad, barf engine fluids, guzzle gas and on a good day hit the horsepower of a Toyota Corolla but have twice the weight. …oh, and are instantly lethal to anyone in an accident, especially the occupants.

You really have to love it to want to own one. IMHO have to be a wee bit nuts to actually drive it.

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That last part is a little bit of hyperbole, but okay. Some of us like old muscle car stank. :grinning:

That said, I prefer a model that’s not quite so oversized or even a restomod so I don’t have to deal with the gas-guzzling (my first car, a Chevelle wagon, got an impressive 8 MPG; my friend’s '70 GTO got 5 MPG). My dream car is another wagon or a '72 El Camino to haul mulch on the occasional weekend and to drive to the occasional Cars & Coffee.


I love that Nick Mason (Pink Floyd) and Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean) both own and drive ridiculously expensive vintage race cars, even breaking them now and again.

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I figure this figures into the decision to sell. This fella is selling while he has some market left. The kids these days are into the 80’s and 90’s Radmobiles.

I remember driving my parents’ 71 LeMans with a 350 four barrel. Scary freakin car. I have since learned to enjoy going slow with style. Maybe that is the point with these cars.

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Rowan is actually a very accomplished and talented driver. Not sure about Mason’s driving skills…I think he just likes cars.


Tee hee. I only have old cars, the newest being a 1963 Corvair. Been driving old cars all my life.
They suck compared to modern cars, but they’re dramatically better than walking.
Also I’ve noticed that I get many compliments a day when I take my old cars anywhere, even driving down the street. And they have faded paint and a few dings.


I love that Charlie Watts has an interesting car collection, and he doesn’t drive. At all.

That would be the white sox.


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When Top Gear retired that car (the Kia Cee’d) only Matt LeBlanc was faster, by 0.1 second. Michael Fassbender was 0.6 seconds slower, but on ice.

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Tee hee. I only have old cars, the newest being a 1963 Corvair.

Well, if I could get a modern car, say a Toyota or Mazda, with the ability to replace the body panels with something to make it look like a classic, I’d be all over that. Not sure how that would factor into front-end crumple zone safety on a unit body, though… probably badly.

Time to dust off my well-past-their-best-before-date FEM skillz and do some modelling…

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Bah, off by a year.

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That’s okay. Back when the Cubs won in 2016 most of the news channels forgot that Chicago had won a world series in 2005, with banner headlines like “the City of Chicago’s first trophy in 107 years!”

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