Auctioneer beats: videos of auctioneers backed with sick beats

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so, is anyone timing how long it takes until this shows up in a remix somewhere? anyone?

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John Candy lives!

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Dammit! I wasn’t paying attention and I just bought a cow or something!


Initially read that as: Auctioneer beats: videos of auctioneer beat with sick bats

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The first one under Gangstagrass has the music from the Wii Mii channel.

You’ll never stop hearing this.

Memory Hole does this type of shit way better. Plus, it’s art. The aesthetic this guy has created with found 90’s VHS is great.

Edit: OK, maybe pretty much unrelated to the post. But I’m always sort of looking for any excuse to post this guys videos.

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Haha. This one is worse:

I hear this song start ringing in my ears sometimes when I drink too much coffee.

stole my comment :frowning:

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Just sent this to my uncle who actually has the title Colonel for being a professional auctioneer. I think we need an expert opinion of the freshness of these beats.

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This has been a collective ear worm around my house for the last few days already. Thanks for reinforcing it in my brain. Argh!

So are you required to own and wear a cowboy hat to be an auctioneer, or is it just recommended?


Verdict? A very polite and confused, “Thank you.”

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