Play this video at your next party. Don't ask questions


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I swear that just gave me a contact high.


Goddamn, those tones are dulcet!


I think I just threw out one of those phones in the last couple of months. Seriously. Either that or it’s still in the bin under the workbench.

Mine did not have plastic birds on it, or a free personal crystal, so I guess I couldn’t have charged $300 plus for it.


This music sounds a lot like the Seeburg 1000 Background Music that I have, on exotic 16 RPM 9" records. I put a bunch of crappy MP3s of this on my website a few years back.

You can find other recordings online as well as see the machines play on Youtube.


the strangest part (of many) was that the winning bidder, Andreas, outbid him/herself 3 or 4 times. unless all the bidders past the initial Andreas also identified themselves as Andreas, too.


Regarding your playlist — I dropped in at random, and found Pālolo by the Sol Ho‘opi‘i Trio at 2:19:45. Skipping around some more, I found a little reasonably authentic (if quite old fashioned) Hawaiian music, but a whole lot more pseudo-Hawaiian tourist dreck.


The place where I work promotes “the island lifestyle” to wealthy middle aged men.

You can imagine our hold music.

If they want to go Hawaiian they ought to add at least a few 808 state tracks.


Wouldn’t rock music be a better fit?
For example, a recording of a volcanic explosion?


It took me 4 minutes and 2 seconds to realize that “4:02” means 4 hours and 2 minutes. (I didn’t notice the “:39”.)


Looks like a bit of viral marketing for their awesome episode game Kentucky Route Zero, to coincide with their last “entr’acte” chapter of the game, which was playable via touchtone phone.


That would be the Same Andreas Fault, then.

  1. Raids garage sale.

  2. Resells on eBay at 3,000% percent.

  3. All profit baby, all profit!


This was Weird Phone #2 auctioned off as a tie-in to the awesome Kentucky Route Zero game (act IV soon!). Here’s an unboxing video from the winner of the auction:



I prefer dial phone videos:


Literally a sales tactic since the bronze age:


Is that anythng like dial a song?


Are you saying they put a bird on it?