Australian police seek the right to install malware on home devices during "emergencies"


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Like those little robotic vacuums ?


Queensland is Oz’s Alabama; the cops up there have a long history of abusing their powers at every available opportunity.


Look at those bananas in the freezer. Just look at them!


This is a test of the Emergency Rootkit System. The malware writers of your area in voluntary cooperation with the local authorities have developed this system to really screw you over in the event of an emergency.

As a test this has just installed a bunch of kiddie porn in a hidden folder on your system.

In the case of an actual emergency, holy god you don’t even want to consider what we might do then. LOL OMG ROFL.


If you install a remote controlled camera and microphone somewhere you want privacy, isn’t that a bit like installing a fountain somewhere you want kept dry?


Not sure why a connected home is even desirable - if I ask someone to peel me a grape - I want that someone to be there.


during “emergencies”

They have donut emergencies Down Under, I reckon.


So what emergency are they thinking of where this would be prudent and/or useful? I mean, if one didn’t care about the principle of the thing.

ETA - that fridge is fucking amazingballs. I want one.


A beer shortage would be a national emergency down under, and the fridge can keep track of/ration your consumption as well as collectively acting as a strategic beer reserve.


“Alexa, call the fire department! My house is on fire!”
“I’m sorry Dave, I can’t allow you to do that unless you first go to another site and download this app. . .”
“What!?! Oh god, the flames are creeping closer, and, and, my name’s not Dave!”


“I’m sorry mate, I can’t be bothered to do that”

–BRUCE 9000


this is one more small item which makes me happy my family has avoided connected appliances and, collaterally, makes me happy i have no mobile device of any kind.


Off the top of my head? On the Beach scenario.



Probably related to the timing of this: about a week ago Peter Dutton - an ultra-conservative Member of Parliament, who’s an ex Queensland cop himself- was given charge of a new Ministry whereby he oversees ASIO (our FBI) and the Federal Police, amongst other things. This will fall pretty firmly into his portfolio.

He’s not really renowned for his sense of compassion, rationality, or basic grasp of human rights.


well I have a sink and a bath and a toilet in my bathroom but I don’t want the floor covered in a couple inches of water. Me, a land of contradictions.


that’s contrary, not contradictory.


This is only the beginning for this sort of crap, and I fear eventually people will look back on the early 21st century as the good ol’ days. Back in the free-wheelin’ 80’s and 90’s I (and many others) was so focused on tech “setting us free” that I failed to consider the potential it presented for the opposite to become true. Now it seems there’s a new creepiness precedent set every day. Some will, of course, be allowed, some won’t, but eventually it’ll be an arms race to the bottom as “advantages” are perceived by those that haven’t yet exploited this or that possibility. From there it’s monkey see, monkey do.

Have a nice day.


Install malware on my computers? Give it a go, if you think you’re hard enough.