Pornhub on a refrigerator in Home Depot


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You know it.



Of all the people to spot porn at the Sears Home Depot.


Pornhub on a refrigerator in Home Depot

I’m laughing & crying at the same time.


Well, we can guess that he didn’t put that page up, because the vids aren’t coprophilia.


Now that is a good example of hacking. Which Home Depot is this? Umm asking for a friend…


Rule 34 of the Internet of Things: If it exists, there is porn on it.


This has been incepted


I thought that those screens were for something like this.


Sales of those fridges just went through the roof.


I was right.


Ah, technology. Back in the day, we had to settle for changing screen savers on display-model PCs to scroll funny messages.


Who will be the first to register ?


A dollar says he hacked it himself


At a bus stop and on a self checkout stand, the fridgeception continues



I literally can’t think of a better way to get me to buy a fridge.


Not unrelated:



Isn’t there just a browser on that fridge? Like a tablet touch screen?

If so, this isn’t a bug, it’s a feature.

“Hmm - don’t I have have some watermelon left in here. Melons… melons… hmm now all I can think about out is… oh hey, that’s right, my fridge can have porn on it now. Thank God we live in these modern times!”