Australian politician investigated for perjury over fake DMCA notices to Twitter


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What use is power if you can’t abuse it?


“Ms Streisand? Ms Streisand? You are required in Room 1 immediately. Ms Streisand to Room 1 immediately please.”


But I thought it was perfectly legal to grossly abuse the DMCA system. How can this be?

Oh wait, is this like the Clinton blowjob?


Not really surprised. The Australian Liberal Party is much like the US Republicans, and has the same sense of entitlement.
Plus, they’re genetically prone to lying.


This is silly, who reads the fine print displayed in normal font size right above where you sign?


I’ve had the pleasure of putting her at the bottom of the ballot. Seeing as the last State election for my electorate threw the sitting Liberal MP out for the Greens, I’m hoping that it’ll happen at the federal level (of course, the federal electoral boundary is quite a bit bigger and encompasses some fairly well off, conservative suburbs. Still, this Liberal government has shat in its bed since they came to power so there’s a chance they’ll be pissed off enough to vote against their wallets).


I’ve got my fingers crossed so hard for a hung parliament… fuck those guys.


The scare campaign against minority governments is pretty pathetic. They work well enough in Europe, and the last one we had got massive amounts of legislation passed.

Of course, when we have majority governments with control of both houses, we end up with things like WorkChoices…


i’ll be putting mal and his crooked cronies last for calling an election in the middle of winter. it’ll be chilly tomorrow, standing in my budgie smugglers at bondi pav doing my democratic duty. bastards.


I ain’t voting, but I’ll hope for a hung government.

Tony! Glad you could join us! Now, a word about my internet…


Yeah Turnbull’s scaremongering about a hung parliament translates to the dread prospect of the Libs’ arsehole agenda being stymied in favour of something actually halfway progressive…

Contrast this oxymoronic crap:

With this:


Here’s hoping unprecedented numbers of punters realise they can get the most value from their vote by putting the scumbag major parties last…


I’d prefer a hanged one.


And it’s looking like it’ll be hung :grinning:


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