Australian state bans bare butts


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But can you really expose a region where, technically, the sun don’t shine?


Aussies don’t want to see the hiney? But they have one for a PM, I reckon.


DAMMIT. That’s my state. No more running around in public in arseless chaps for me. Or singing obscene ballads, according to the BBC.


In Australia there lived a young lass
Who loved to show people her ass
Not pretty or pink
Or round as you think
It was gray, had big ears, and ate grass.


Things are definitely going to be less interesting in Mad Max world.



I believe it is called a prolapse and often requires medical attention…


Also banned, according to the BBC, was the singing of “obscene ballads.”

Sorry, Aussie friends. If Nanny Ogg isn’t welcome in the great down under, neither am I.


What about ballads that rock your ass off? Double secret banned?


Victorian here. Nudity is still legal as I understand it. Its just this fine line about intent.


Those Victorians are so Victorian.


As enforceability of law banning mooning and streaking in Australia comes under increasing scrutiny, cracks begin to show.

— HaveIGotNewsForYou (@haveigotnews) September 26, 2016


I thought they couldn’t deny? :thinking:


It’s a land down under.


Be kind, they’re in recovery.



No mention in the story of ifs or ands? Just buts?


They don’t play rugby in Victoria?


I would say no :wink:

But some accidental nudity does happen in AFL.