Australia's 2015 copyright censorship system has failed, so they're adding (lots) more censorship


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“…even though the majority of the billions of videos on YouTube were uploaded by their creators.”

Yeah, but those are just little people. Their dreams don’t matter. Only the dreams of vast, powerful corporate entities matter.

(+1 Like for an appropriate use of “kangaroo court” in the article)


The really stupid part of this is that if these extreme measures are implemented they will cause chaos and problems for all other AU internet services. It will have little to no long term effect on piracy And the copywrong trolls and studios will just say “It’s not our fault, it’s the pirates.”

Or to put it another way, "Yes we bombed those villages and killed a lot of civilians but there were insurgents hiding there so it’s OK. If the families of the dead innocents want to complain have them talk to the government. After all THEY were the ones who did the actual bombing. "


If your objective is pretty much to turn the internet into packet-switched cable TV, but with spam and better surveillance, this seems like a fine idea.

Naturally, anyone who has that objective should be reassigned to a demo island where it has already been implemented, for reasons of both justice and public interest.


Why do people copy media? Couldn’t be our fault, for overpricing and delaying release! No, the only possible reason is because they’re bad! Bad bad bad! And they need to be punished! The Belt worked fine when I was a lad!

As a side note, do you have any idea how long the internet boats take to reach the Antipodes? For-frekin-ever, that’s how long!


In the defence of Big Media; it actually costs a lot to convert digital media for use in the Antipodes because the electrons’ spin has to be reversed.


In 2015, the entertainment companies convinced Australia to swallow a fly, and insisted that would be the end of it, no spiders required

It’s Australia - spiders are mandatory.

The correct application order is spider, bigger spider, horrifyingly big spider, stuff of nightmares spider, then a succession of increasingly more venomous snakes topped off with whoever wins in a battle between a salt water crocodile and a great white shark.


The law lags behind technology advances, how many times will media companies have to learn this before they go to what works (being fair) and away from trying to force people into shitty relationships?


And those dreams are almost always the same: All the little humans in little cubicles, turning wheels to generate resources and thoughts for the slow AI.


You left out the velociraptors. Oops, I mean cassowaries. (Just what is the difference between a velociraptor and a cassowary, anyway?)


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