Australia's own Immortan Joe turns off the water, I mean, Internet


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Title should read: “When idiots and technology collide”


To be fair, “When idiots and technology collide” could be a section of BoingBoing with a lot of governments internet plans in there.


Tony Abbot announced his new Internet censorship plan by warning Aussies, “Do not, my friends, become addicted to the Web.”

I had to check whether he actually said that. It seems he did not. The analogy is consequently a little bit of a strech, I think.

(An aside: did anyone else watch the film and think of the end of the musical “Urinetown”, in which the celebrated lifting of a settlement’s draconian water-sharing practices ultimately spells doom?)


Isn’t have a dangerously overbroad and painfully under-defined law considered a virtue when your courts enjoy a convenient and virtually unlimited supply of kangaroos?


Let’s get Furiosa in. It’s Imperata


Does she need a technician?
Just asking…


I’m pretty sure that Tank Girl seldom says anything as decorous as that. Not that I can be arsed checking.


Not with Tones it’s not. The man is an a-grade asshole.


Of course they had to rush it through.

Netflix has finally became widely available here. Hopefully many other media providers will follow.

Giving people an option to legally access content on fair terms at a fair price is a great way to combat piracy.

I expect any reduction in downloading might be as much due to providing legal options to access content.


Sometimes I wonder if Tony could get any dumber. Always the answer is “Yes.”


Every day a new controversy that distracts us from the crap they said the previous day isn’t a sign of idiocy on the behalf of the Liberal party, it’s one of their main tactics. It is deliberately designed to both fragment focus of those who oppose their crap and to wear people down until they just switch off.

We’re the dumb ones for falling for it every. single. day.


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