Australia's Prime Minister is a goddamned idiot


psst…he’s got like…0day arguments against gun advocates! 2 weeks old is all the older! It’s like hot young elderflower remedy!


Fuck those laws of physics most of all. I want my goddamned FTL travel already.


Hmm, maybe sit and have a talk with yourself about whether you believe people have the right to own things that can be potentially abused, or if we should give them up and let the government control them in the interest of safety and security. Once you find a side of the fence, maybe consider including thing you aren’t really into/like.



Totally agree with you


Pauline Hanson for Prime Minister?


Hanson-equivalent with money, fame and control of the LNP Coalition.


And male, right?


Very likely.


Think I’ll move to Christchurch for the duration.


I have to admit this was one of my first thoughts when it became apparent that Trump could actually be in with a chance at the Presidency.

Australia: "Youse blokes reckon you’re hot shit with Dubya. Watch this!"


It’s also still an incredibly stupid idea. Because when - not if, when - that government-owned master key gets out, there’s no way to retroactively stop it from being used to decrypt literally every single message that’s ever been sent or received using that messaging platform, and absolutely no way to ensure that every device running a version of the software with that exploited key in it is updated to remove the vulnerability. The security of the entire messaging platform is now permanently and totally compromised. Forever. If you think there’s no way such a critical piece of national security equipment could ever possibly get out of the lockbox they plan to keep it in at Langley, may I direct your attention to literally every NSA leak over the last 15 years. Heck, the crypto malware that’s been attacking targeted clusters of the internet for the last couple of months is built on exploits that were weaponized and kept secret by the NSA. If that stuff can get out, so can a key capable of decrypting every iMessage on the planet. And that’s assuming it isn’t just reverse-engineered at some point by some malicious actor or state intelligence agency.

Cryptography is math. It’s determinative. If you know all of the inputs, you will always be able to get the output. Decryption keys are fixed, factual things that can’t be restricted to “only the people who we think should have the authority to use them”. There is no such thing as a key that only works when the “good guys” want to use it. Federal law can’t trump the fundamental underpinnings of the universe. Anyone who tries to say otherwise is either an idiot or intentionally arguing in bad faith. Or both.


“Freedom is the freedom to say two plus two equals four. If that is granted all else will follow” - Winston Smith


I was just thinking that no matter how moronic any other nation’s leader may be, the US still has no room to talk while we are still saddled with the über-albatross around our necks that is 45…


Because when - not if, when - that government-owned master key gets out

I don’t think anybody is seriously proposing a single master key. The value of something like that would be much lower than the potential costs for exactly the reasons you laid out.

Keys are essentially free. There’s really no good reason to make just one and use it for everything. Instead, they should be generated as needed and should have a realistic expiration date. Better yet, the keys should probably be managed by Apple and Google entirely. They are already doing key management, seem to be very good at it, and there’s no good reason to take over that role.

Decryption keys are fixed, factual things that can’t be restricted to “only the people who we think should have the authority to use them”.

Is there any kind of surveillance done by law enforcement that is guaranteed to never be abused? I don’t know of any and I don’t suspect law makers think digital surveillance should be held to a higher standard.


Turnbull isn’t moronic. He’s extremely tech savvy, and when he justifies his garbage tech policies, he phrases things in a way that can only be done by someone that actually understands what they’re covering up.

A moron would be preferable in that there’s a chance that they can be convinced that they’re wrong; Turnbull already knows that he’s wrong about this, which means he’s deliberately existing on a spectrum between being disingenuous and an outright liar on purpose for his own gain, and is unlikely to deviate from it.


Not my point.

Even if he is, the US is in no position to judge anyone else until we rid ourselves of the malignant cancerous tumor currently residing in the White House.


Fair enough, tho I’d like to extend an open invitation on Australia’s behalf to judge him should you change your mind.


Thanks, but I’m just a little too busy right now worrying about our own Idiot-in-Chief, unless yours pulls some sort of epic ‘Hold My Beer’ one-uppance.

Not that such a thing isn’t possible, but 45 has set a really high bar for fuckery most foul…


Please, @Melz2, don’t decry it. There is always someone who can limbo all the way down even under the carpet.

I will now get nightmares imagining some fuckuppery worse than the current US government already came up with. It doesn’t need to be someone from down under. Brussels might do. Or London, come to think of it. However, while Warsaw and Budapest still are in the contest, I think Ankara is currently leading the lower-the-minibar contest…