Author Guy Gavriel Kay on the strengths of fiction done as near-history


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I love GGKs books. So so so lovely.
I am so looking forward to reading this book!


The book was great and I haven’t seen this explained in detail before (although I think I’ve read all the books so far).


If Kay keeps writing pseudo-historical novels, I’ll keep reading them. Those are his wheelhouse, and he knocks them out of the park every time.

I’ve read the four books in the Fionavar continuity (Tapestry + Ysabel), though, and they just don’t measure up.

Everything else by him (especially Tigana, <3 Tigana), is awesome.


Fionavar were his first, you can feel him figuring out his craft in those books. I’ll always loves those books.
Also they’re set sort of in Toronto, which is always a novelty for me, and gives him bonus points.

Tigana… still makes me weep like a baby… but they all do that frankly, he’s really good at making me cry. :slight_smile:


Sir Kay, I think you intended two hyperlinks in the sentence reading “I told that road trip story here and another version of the origin story here.”

One of them is probably this.

CoE&S is fabulous. Engrossing characters (even the minor ones, always), haunting Sarantium parallels and grace notes, and the quarter turn always manifests in surprising and dramatic ways.


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