Author Kent Nerburn describes "The Cab Ride I'll Never Forget"

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pretty much the same


Man, i might’ve just ugly cried if i wasn’t in the middle of moving to a new apt because of my apt complex accidentally flooding my previous unit. Still that was a great essay, and having worked retail customer service i’ve had little moments of honest realness with some customers. I don’t miss the job but i do deeply miss those conversations and encounters.


I think I read that story a while back – but it’s good to revisit it.


This story has been circulating for a while. You can read more about it by searching for “the cab ride” on Snopes. :slight_smile:


Snopes rate it as ‘Legend’ due to Nerburn being the only source for it - his passenger having long since passed on. But he talks about it sincerely as something that happened to him in the '80s, so I think I’ll go with him on this one.

After all, it was published in print in 1999, long before the Insta/Twit/TikTok era of ‘get famous fast on the Internet and make $$$£££!!!’ idiocy… (back in the earliest days of ‘weblogs’, and just as Google became a thing)

It’s sad - but unfortunately necessary - that we have all become so mistrustful of things we read on the inter-web-tubes:

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A real feel-good story.

About its veracity, I’m not hungry to know - doesn’t really matter, the ability to feel and live through the author’s words, the small lesson are worth it in any case and part of being human.


Exactly right. It may or may not be true but it’s still a story about what ought to be true and points us towards “right behaviour” like a bible parable.


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