Video captures taxi driver stealing customer's phone

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Uber drivers are always honest.

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Uber and Lift make the news for crap like this but crickets when it is a Taxi.


He looks really creepy with that yellow reflection in his eyes as he waves. Beyond criminal charges, shouldn’t this invalidate the driver’s license to operate a cab?

Alternate title:
Taxi Driver Stealing Customers Souls

  • with his demon eyes

Criminal charges and invalidated license because of a yellow reflection on his eyes? Man, you’re strict.


Or he is a replicant

Being found on earth, grounds for retirement.


“Always double check the cab”. What exactly would that entail? Walking around it with an appraising look on your face? Holding the cab driver’s hands and staring intently into his eyes while you give him your destination?

Or does she mean “Always double check the cab after your ride is done for any missing items?” Maybe that’s more reasonable.

Man, it would have been a neat trick if she’d grabbed it back when she leaned in for the hug.

Glad they caught him. What a sleeze.

Also good evidence for people who aren’t aware of the potential cost of getting shitfaced and putting themselves into the hands of complete strangers.

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Also proof that if you record enough drunk banal moments in your boring-ass life, eventually you’ll capture something mildly interesting.


“You’re driving through the desert, with your hire light on, and a tortoise waves you over for a pick up. But you’re not stopping for him. Why aren’t you stopping, Leon?”


There will be bad apples in any driver pool. But they’re a lot less likely to do bad things when the passenger has a clear record of exactly who drove them when and where. Mandatory (and consequential) passenger feedback systems don’t hurt either.

My sample size is small, but I’m 0-1 in recovering lost items from NYC taxis, and 1-0 in recovering lost items from Uber and Lyft.

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How did you manage to lose only one item only one time in two different companies’ cars (Uber & Lyft)?

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