Author makes $30k/month selling self published Bigfoot erotica

The story seems to be saying that the $30K/month was for that title alone. I suspect that may be a one-month record, rather than a long-running average.

It’s not an implausible number. To earn $30K on Amazon, you only need to sell about 8500 books (assuming $4.99 list price)

So not a huge number of sales. Still, I’d be willing to sell out my artistic integrity for less.

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Man, Loren Coleman sure pays crazy sums for his Bigfoot porn.

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No room. Monsters, see?


Clearly I’m making a mistake writing, uh, fiction for free. @VinnieTesla what do you figure the average word count is for Kindle ebooks in the broader category of erotica? :laughing:

Absurdly short. For–pardon me–fly-by-night writers like a lot of the monster-genre folks, it’s sadly common to post 3 or 4KW stories as “books.” Erotofluidic Age is a more bookstore-normal 60K (about 200 paperback pages) partially because I hold out hope that my publisher (the ever-awesome Circlet Press) will someday produce a print edition, though sales so far haven’t done much to justify such an undertaking.

My impression is that generally having a substantial body of work is important if you want to make real money writing Kindle smut. If you have a lot of stuff, and it’s largely pretty similar, readers who, as the saying goes, like that kind of thing will know where to go to find the kind of thing they like.


Sounds like I need a second or third pseudonym. 60K isn’t really that hard for me to hit and if I went more for 30K (which it sounds like may still mark me as an overachiever), I could churn out a bunch. :blush:

Looks like it is time to dry clean the ol’ goat pants…

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Many years ago I realized that I would know we had arrived at The Future when the world basically resembled Transmetropolitan. People are capping mofos at the movies for texting, and there’s Bigfoot erotica.



I believe this author has received similar press before. Still, she deserves it. Her work is wildly popular and has been for the two years that I’ve been writing.

Writing erotica is pretty lucrative but it really isn’t easy money or anything. I find myself working at all times. I wrote a how-to guide for self publishing erotica a while back that has helped other authors start, but no matter what you have to have the work ethic. Don’t come into this thinking you can spam crap and make 30k a month.

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How many goodly creatures are there here!
How beauteous mankind is!
O brave new world,
That has such people in it!
Chapters 8 & 15 The Tempest (V, i)


In a genuine Transmetropolitan future, there will be actual Bigfoots to star in the erotica.

Bandwagon bandwagon bandwagon!!!

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Apparently you haven’t gotten the invite to the srsly underground sex clubs… :wink:


Oh, I know. I have a work ethic. Even with my free work, I’m giving people something that they don’t get in the venue I post in … characters, character development, plot, stuff aside from mere titillation. I’m just 900% convinced that my comrades in the more mainstream genres who are self-publishing aren’t making that kind of cash doing it.

And since I already write in that genre sometimes, why not get paid?

Erotica is the best paying genre I have encountered. I don’t make 30k a month, but I make enough to support myself and my fiance, without any other job. It’s a nice life. If you already write it, you definitely should be making money off of it.

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Best part of writing Cryptid erotica:

You can write off your inflatable thylacine sex toys, and dry cleaning for your Jersey Devil costume, as a business expense!

P.S. Sorry, no, I have no idea where you can get an inflatable thylacine sex toy.

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I smell a business opportunity.

What, a scratch ‘n’ sniff thylacine sex toy? I’m in!


Fairies do though.

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Not inflatable Thylacine sex toys. Thylacine ares stinckt.