Bet you didn't know that dinosaur erotic novels were a thing




Cloaca or penis?


yeah they where hot in all, but now they’re mostly just screeds against Obama and dubstep.


It’s a sign of how jaded I’ve become that I didn’t know dinosaur erotic novels were a thing but I’m not surprised.

Although the first thought that always comes to mind when I learn about a genre like this is, why am I grinding along at a 9-to-5 job when I could be writing stuff like this?


Bet you didn’t know that Teresa Orlowski produced a movie called “Jurassic Fuсk - Attack of the Pornosaurs” sometime in 1993.


also writes sexy romance novels about gryphons, orcs, weretigers, wargs, centaurs, and other non-human fantasy entities

Including basilisks and hydras, which really broke my brain when I scanned her Amazon listings.

And my list of “Customers Who Bought Items in Your Recent History Also Bought” ended up being SO messed up after scanning through those. It would be a tempting prank to try to find a way to get Amazon to associate those books with this




Rule 35: If no porn is found at the moment, it will be made


Talk about a MarySue.


I like to ponder the ontological mysteries of the converse: if there is no porn of it, does it really exist?


I was about to come point out the potential crossover with yesterdays post.


Of course I didn’t know this. How would I? Certainly not from the volumes of dinosaur porn that I own, I’ll tell you that.


This is inaccurate. The T-Rex is not feathered.


That happens in chapter 3.


I don’t know, I bet Hydras give good head. It’s not too hard to convert “turns men to stone” into a porn premise either, this practically writes itself.


Some day, paleontologists of the distant future will probably be confused as to the absence of body hair in our mammalian erotica.


Not if any Ron Jeremy films survive.


Yeah, but they get annoying when you’re tired and just want them to stop. They never take it well when you cut them off.


I put on my lizard robe?