Watch: Pole-dancing T-rex


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The gif (showed up in my RSS feed, not on page itself) is pure magic!


That looks really hot and sticky and hard to breathe in! Im impressed with their endurance more than their performance.


Bummer, I was looking forward to seeing Lech Walesa bust a move to Bang A Gong (Get It On).


I really don’t want to know about the demographic that thinks t-rexes are sexy.


PALEONTOLOGIST: I’d hit it. (Very carefully, with a rock hammer.)


evil laughter

And oh, no, that’s NOT the only example.



“On how many levels is this wrong?”
“All of them, Katie.”


10/10 I could watch that for hours.


For the past week or so, for reasons I won’t go into, up until the time I watched this vid, I’d been really sad. BUT NOT ANY MORE! :heart_eyes:

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