On Google campus, a dinosaur is forever in battle with hordes of flamingos




Can confirm, those flamingoes were there when I was at the Googleplex a year ago. They seem to have multiplied, though. Asexual budding, maybe?


Is it not a dreadful breach of filial piety for birds to be skeletonizing a dinosaur like that?

Those damn whippersnappers should be treating Mr. Rex as an honored elder and ancestor!


If we could get enough beta-Carotene into a T-Rex (perhaps by feeding it flamingos), would it turn pink also?


A flurry of flamingoes?


I want whatever that designer smoked.


Every time they find a new way to monetise our data they add another flamingo.

(Or… every time somebody actually uses Google Plus…)


Yeah. They were there two weeks ago. It was looking a bit darker for the T Rex then.


At first I thought that somebody had put “truck nutz” on it…


sorry to be a grammar pedant/nudnik, but “beset upon by” s/b either “set upon by” or “beset by” - nice image though


Somehow this just begs the question: Would you rather fight one dinosaur sized flamingo, or 100 flamingo sized dinosaurs?


What makes this worse is that the flamingos are basically cannibals.


That depends on the available weaponry.

That said, a bit of bait, a bit of poison, and a bit of advance planning could solve it peacefully, without fighting.


I’d assume they’re about as related as we are to cattle. Probably less. Do all dinosaurs and their descendants look alike to you!? You birdist. :bird:


BTW there is a lump of concrete on the ground under Stan’s tail. With bits of pink flamingo in.


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