Autism and the Neurodiversity Acceptance Movement: writer Steve Silberman, profiled


I’ve got Seattle area acquaintances involved in autism and developmental psychology research that seem to think that there’s a disproportionate number of autistic kids in the Redmond, Wa. area. They postulate that the aspy people of the nation are meeting and breeding.

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Sam Smith, a journalist in Washington DC, has written about this phenom in politics. In Washington DC they are breeding, or they are just rewarding the types of behaviors associated…

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Or maybe enjoying planned families.


There seem to be similar hotspots in the Bay area, and in the Portland, OR area, stretching from Beaverton to Hillsboro (also, probably not coincidentally, the general area of the “Silicon Forest” techy parts of the state.)

Flip, we have a disproportionate rate in my own church. Most do marry and reproduce, in my experience they also have pretty enduring marriages with high fidelity - the world wasn’t watching at the time and just thought they were pocket protected lab geeks. Which they were (go Dad!). If you know what you are looking at you will be surprised at the prevalence, it gets more interesting when you mix culture with a different brain.

“one that sees it as a psychiatric disability, and another that recognizes it as a form of human variation with its own distinctive strengths, customs and culture.”

As somebody who has it, it’s often both.


I saw the results of the some research which showed more autism on the west side of the cascades than the east. One theory was that kids are inside more often with rainy weather and this leads to greater exposure to indoor pollution from household chemicals.

There seems to be cluster in and around Cheltenham in the UK, is there one around Fort Mead as well?

That’s weird, considering autism is a genetic disorder.

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