Autoexec.bat: the tee-shirt


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Brilliant! Made my day.
Off to order one…


As a matter of personal organization, I’ve always kept my .bat files in



I’m just happy that there are still people who know what autoexec.bat means.


I figured 2016 had killed them all!


Such puns must not be rewarded. Ecrasez l’infame!


OK, yeah, I want one ^^’ .


Adam is awesome.


How about Config.sys ?
You are old if you remember:
DIP switches


Dude, FreeDOS 1.2 released on Dec 25th; all things DOS haven’t been this happening in ages!


What about the morass of different memory flavors? HIMEM, conventional memory, extended memory, expanded memory, upper memory area, etc.

One forgets how much of a luxury it is to be able to say “eh, the freaky legacy stuff in the first 16MBs is freaky but ultimately irrelevant; the only thing that matters now is whether my GPU is going to carve a hole in my available physical memory or whether its address space can be remapped to avoid overlapping my RAM; of which I have a copious supply.”


SYS 64738

(yes, BB, this is a complete sentence if you happen to be a Commodore 64)


Let me guess… It has a graphical interface now? Seriously, what’s new in the world of DOS?


Ah. Brings back memories of that special boot floppy that loaded memory managers and rearranged and repositioned things just right so you could play X-Wing. But which didn’t work for Tie Fighter.


I like this guy’s Shakespeare shirts:

I also like the state capital shirt, for no real reason.

This one is probably my favorite:


Hah. Want. Even though I haven’t touched windows/dos since… 1999?


Name the platform (and what actions these commands cause):

Call -151
POKE 16636,0


that’s why “the olds” put little stickers on the front of the screen over their webcams, so the bats don’t hit their windows.


IIRC thats Apple II but cant remember the functions.


We have a winner.

Call -151
Enter the system monitor, where you can program in assembly.

Return to the BASIC prompt, for Integer BASIC/AppleSoft (MicroSoft BASIC!)

POKE 16636,0
Click the speaker once. Put it in a loop to make music.

(looking forward to the corrections from those with even more of these burned into their brains)