Avatars, rubber hands, virtual reality, and racism




It would be useful to know the ethnic breakdown of the test subjects.


I hate this podcast because the topics and interviews sound incredibly interesting.

But I want to read them, not listen to them. I have trouble keeping focus on audio-only stuff.


Exactly. I don’t want podcasts or videos, I am a reader.



I don’t trust studies with a sample size of 33.


Does that mean you’ve seen 34 or more such studies and found a majority of them wanting?


I think it means that 33 people is not large enough of a sample size to be statistically significant unless the difference was enormous - especially given those 33 were not randomly selected.

This is also why you should largely ignore nearly every nutrition-related study ever published.

It doesn’t mean it isn’t true, it just means that it needs a larger, more rigorous study.


I want to see an online version of this experiment so I can test myself.

It’d solve the sample size issue too…


you could take the implicit bias test–> https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/


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